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3D Communication studio new website


After a healthy struggle with Fullpage.js and webflow our website is finally online!

We are a 3d communication studio based in the Netherlands and we wanted to find the right bridge between 2D and 3D. So webflow wise, not too many crazy tricks. Except for a lot of tweaking regarding fitting the iPad (which is not recognized as a tablet by webflow) and the faces required quite some layers of interactions.
Any feedback is always welcome!

Regards to, @joshh, @cyberdave, @sabanna for always being ready to help on the forum!


Great! The scroll hack works very well! Would you mind sharing your technique?

Overall the site is great, love the little attentions like on the team portraits :slight_smile:


Thanks! Glad u like it! The fullpage step by step was already on the forum. Fullpage.js set up I just tweaked it for our purpose. Any questions regarding that i will happily answer!

It is very nicely laid out and I like the scroll effect (which I also appreciate you linking a tutorial to).

Only issue I am encountering is that when i view it on Chrome in Inspector Tool with the mobile layout viewer enabled and then refresh the page, I click out of the IT and the scroll effect does not work anymore.


Visually stunning site and I love the style of it.

(Viewed in the current version of Chrome)
On load, after the initial fade-in, the logo hangs over the “g” and the extending dot for the “i” in “giant” and the white horizontal line cuts the dot extender of the “i” in “Tiny”. Maybe give more top margin to the slide to just push these down a smidge.

Interactions are really nice down the page and I like those alot. On the team panel, the type does intrude on the team member photos and since it’s white type, it get a bit muddled. There is another logo/horizontal rule interference on the “C Spot” panel, but that’s minor. I’m picking nits for minor sakes of the UX.

Great site! Love the feel of it and it looks like a great team to work with. Well done!

My 2¢.

I’ll have a look. I usually instantly hate scroll hacking. I’m not the only one… (saw your yesterdays’ tweet @Waldo :wink: )

On top of that, I’m using a Wacom tablet for everything. No mouse or trackpad, only the tablet. And of course scroll hacks are generally never optimized for tablet navigation. Adds to the frustration.

But here it was surprisingly working very well and I didn’t get in rage :wink:

Hey! Thanks for your feedback, i redid the layout there because because it indeed messed up windows that were wider then we anticipated on. It scales based on the height of your browser window now!
Hope it works better for you too now!


You’re welcome. Your site looks much better now with the fix in place. I’m not sure you need the white horizontal rule below the navigation… without it, your design would open up some. That’s my last 2¢, I promise!

Take care,