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New Portfolio Site

Hello everyone! I am creating a website to show to potential clients. I have created a prototype, but only the layout is finalized.



I would love ideas for unique and sleek interactions, because I am just playing around with them now. I also hope that when you click on one of the columns that it scrolls to the right/left and reveals information. Sadly, I don’t know how to do this right now.

Great start so far! :slight_smile: That loader gif is interesting.

My suggestion would be to make your columns animations subtle.

But, either than that, great job! :smiley:

Thank you for the feedback!

Do you know how I can make it so that users can click on the column and are taken to the left of the page with information? I only want it to show up when the user clicks, so they can’t just scroll over.

I also can’t add gradient transitions or even border transitions on the Navigation Bar. :frowning:

Use box-shadow’s instead of gradients :wink:

looks good so far :slight_smile: the far right is causing the margin to expand and bringing up the bottom scroll bar you might want to look at sorting that :smile:

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

@Robert_Craig, how would I go about doing that? This is my first website with this type of layout.

@Waldo_Broodryk Thanks, I’ll try it out :smiley:

@PixelGeek Column interactions have been subtleitized :smile:

In order to move forward on the site, I need help with something

How do I make it so that when a column is click, the page is squished horizontally and a fullscreen description page is shown?

not having access to the design cant say for sure but I can say if you are using margin instead of padding to arrange things it will cause the effect I have mentioned :smile:

Oh I apologize, here you go:

I seemed to have fixed it by disabling overflow in the body section. Sadly, my column interaction doesn’t work. It just appears there suddenly. Is this good enough or is there a better method?