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Video Creator Portfolio

Hey Webflowers!

Just rebranded and redesigned my portfolio from scratch. Let me know what you guys think and any constructive criticism is welcome!



Looks nice. I like the animations. I’m getting a horizontal scrollbar… Maybe you should fix that? :slight_smile:

Hey Elvira,

What browser/device are you using? I can’t seem to recreate the issue. Thanks for the heads up!


if I add an overflow-x:hidden to your class .video-reveal-wrap. I don’t have the horizontal scrollbar anymore.

I could not find out which div inside that one is causing the overflow… I removed the overflow-x hidden from the .video-reveal-wrap and than add an overflow-x hidden to all elements one by one… however… that did not work… Scrollbar only was removed when I added it to the .video-reveal-wrap.

Great Job @Noel_Fenez, the website looks really good!

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Hey @Noel_Fenez :slight_smile:

Woow so creative, congrats !

Is it possible to clone or copy some elements of this website ?


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Thanks @Romgal! Let me know if there are certain parts that you want to clone and I’ll get something set up for you!

Oh thank you, it’s really nice of you.
Particularly these two blocks is good work :slight_smile:

@Romgal I just made the entire site cloneable, feel free to use what you need!


Thanks a lot :innocent:

Can I tell you how did you do the outline text effect ?

Fantastic work brother. Love the look and feel!

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Custom CSS in the pages tag.

Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 10.46.14 AM

Great website, but maybe “people” is a little too extended. Maybe something more specific?

Hey @Mark_Smit,

I replace it with “brands” or “artists” when targeting specific profiles in other marketing material, didn’t want to limit it to a certain niche when my work varies but it’s definitely something to think about! Thanks for the input!