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People react to: Ecommerce announcement

Would just like to say this is everything I have been asking for. This release won’t be very broad or confusing. I love that we know exactly what to expect in Beta, Release, Planned, and for the Future. This was extremely necessary. This is a step in the right direction to being open. I would like to see Webflow continue to open up.

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This is beyond exciting. With this addition I whole heartly believe webflow is set to take back the web.

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Yup, that’s one of many really nice things about building on top of Stripe – their platform makes a lot of the future improvements we would like to make easier.

That said, the mechanism for processing recurring payments is likely one of the simpler aspects of supporting functionality like this. The user experience implications for both the business owners and end-customers may be the tougher piece: What changes need to be made to the order management flows? Do end-customers need to be able to cancel their subscriptions on their own? If so, how (we don’t have a user account system yet)? etc. etc.

Not unsolvable problems :slight_smile: . But things that we need to dedicate the time to properly work through, which is why it’s not in scope for our initial launch.


I knew what it would be. But I did not think that so quickly.

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Awesome attention to detail – I was wondering how long it was going to take for someone to dissect the product videos :wink:

First, I should say that one of the reasons we didn’t put a tremendous amount of focus on these user experience details in the site is that we are still working on these features, so the actual site building workflows will not work exactly like you see now.

But keeping that in mind, to provide at least some answers to your questions:

Is there anything you can reveal about how ecommerce collections will work structurally?

Products and Categories will be the standard Ecommerce collections. At their core, they are CMS Collections – so much of the same functionality you get with those (custom fields, item references, multi-references, etc.) will extend to these Ecommerce collections as well. Additionally, of the workflows for managing the product data, designing product lists and template pages, etc. will feel very familiar and consistent with designing with CMS data.

That said, they are also special collections, at the same time. Since we know what these collections are for, they are packed with with specialized functionality – mostly in the form of default fields that will power the more advanced Ecommerce features (checkout, shipping options/rates, sales tax, inventory management, etc.), but also including the ability to manage multiple variants per product (think t-shirts with different sizes and colors) in the future as well.

I assume this is to add a cart to any page but will there be an easy way to globally add the cart to every page, or is it necessary to create a symbol from the cart element to add manually to each page.

As of now, the Cart is designed to work like most of the other elements in the Add Panel – you will have to add it where you want it to be, likely using reusable components like Symbols to make that easier. Of course, Ecommerce templates will already have those Cart components added.

It also appears that there will be some new static Utility pages such as a Checkout page. Are there any others?

The Checkout page is a pretty big one! Were you thinking of anything else, specifically?

Refunds are something I don’t see on the roadmap at all. Is it expected for clients to handle that via Stripe?

Business owners will be able to process refunds from our Order Management workflows. This announcement was mainly focused on the designer experience and functionality, but there is a ton of great ‘store management’ functionality that is a HUGE part of this offering as well.

I hope that helps!


What didn’t you like about Shopify? I did an ecommerce site with Webflow+Shopify via Zapier and it worked out quite nicely.

And I was wondering what you didn’t like about Foxy? I’ve been thinking for a while on coming back to webflow and using Foxy but now we’ve got built in e-commerce coming.

@kkilat Hey, is there a list of the 130 currencies, is it perhaps all the currencies accepted by stripe?

I assume it is this

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Thanks Jason, yes that should be it, my currency included.
(maybe just maybe I could looked that up myself :smile:)

@pritchettnick I haven’t actually used Foxycart or Shopify with Webflow, but I had learned that you can’t style the cart panel, the shopify checkout opens in a popup window, and a few other niggles that I didn’t like.

I also don’t like the idea of using 2 separate solutions for one website, for e.g. paying for hosting with both shopify and webflow.

Not major issues, but I thought I’d stick with what I know for now and that’s WordPress + WooCommerce. Although, after building a couple of websites with Webflow, going back to WordPress seems very slow and tedious compared to Webflow.


No worries I was interested myself. Good news that the currency you need is supported. Roll on the release date (but think we are in for a wait with this one like IA 2.0)

Yeah this is awesome news ! I’m so excited :webflow_heart:

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yes you are totally right. I think the customer account is a must have for an e-commerce solution. And everything else was already covered by foxy + order desk. You could get some inspiration there :wink:

I am using this combination for my client ( and its working really nice. But a complete integration in webflow sounds fantastic.

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No :neutral_face:, I certainly don’t hope so. Webflow now have their new foundation in place and my gut feeling is that they learned from previous releases like IX2 and this more or less ready. Fingers crossed =)


I also think this will be quicker than IX 2. They redesigned the canvas last year ready for IX 2.0. I can’t imagine they redesigned it for one or two features and must have had e-commerce in mind when doing that.

I keep “eeeking” a little every time I see this thread! I’m so frickin’ excited. My wife is wondering what the hell is wrong with me…

“It’s e-commerce darling… on WEBFLOW!!!”


Ha ha same here. Wife was like “e-commerce yeah I’ve seen that before, why are you excited?”

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Hmm ok let’s have a friendly bet? I recon it will be at least June before we see any further movement on this one, what’s your guess?

The only reason I say this is the tone of some of the messages, seems like it is still being ‘designed’ rather than ‘developed’ or even ‘tested’. I could be wrong but that’s the vibe I’m getting. Sorry for the negativity but I want this ASAP however I don’t think this is gonna be in the next few weeks

Oooh I like it… betting with my emotions! :joy:

I say… BETA released by end of April and out there by end of July. :crossed_fingers:

A bit of wishful thinking perhaps. :grimacing:


Your on…nice one :point_up: