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Review so far e-commerce platform

Hi everyone,

I have to say I love Webflow and its intuitive drag and drop capabilities. In a short amount of time I was able to build a website but it appears I am slowing down in the way I am trying to implement certain features Ive come to expect from standard e-commerce websites.

I have to say it’s far from ready if you are competing with the other e-commerce platforms out there. But I get it Webflow is young so in time I know Webflow is a great investment for businesses down the road. Just give Webflow time it is going to rock. It will be the best tool for Marketing teams that will always be pumping out new creatives and implementation on websites without having much to rely on costly developers for implementation.

There are things that the e-commerce needs to have upon release, and that is the following:

  1. Size options
  2. Wholesale pricing
  3. Customized client access/login for normal retail customers vs wholesale buyers.
  4. Pricing to show before and sale price (side by side).
  5. Ability to schedule when sale prices or certain products go live and get brought down automatically. (There may be the possibility of too many to keep track if changes are done manually.)
  6. Ability to schedule when graphics ads / assets go live and get brought down automatically.
  7. Pop up windows for GDPR notice, newsletter subs, promos, etc.
  8. Coupons
  9. User reviews + star ratings
  10. Option for multiple product variants (parent with child variants in a product page).
  11. BIGGEST EVER: Ways to display multiple images of a product in a product page that is easy to setup via drag and drop.

As it stands the e-commerce setup is too simple beyond what some businesses would like to achieve. I get that tho it’s beta. I’ve not tested the back end such as tracking and processing orders, returns, cancellations, customer invoices, and email confirmations/receipts, but will get there soon. I’ve slowed down dramatically and is stuck trying to get certain effects and setup to happen because its not provided yet so I’m trying to come up with a creative way to implement them using the tools available so far, versus the drag and drop I’ve come to love about Webflow.

But hopefully this small feedback works. Love Webflow keep up the great work guys. You guys are next gen AAA CMS!


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I think Webflow have been fairly transparent on what they are releasing first as well as what is planned moving forward. While I haven’t had too much time with the beta just yet, I’ll try and give some insight on your points:

  1. I’m guessing you mean variants. If so, these are coming with the full release.
  2. This may have some hiccups, but you should be able to theoretically create a separate product for everything you want to offer wholesale (let’s say 50% off MSRP) and make them accessible through a password protected page. Give your wholesale clients access to this page as needed and they will see the discounted goods. Another answer would be to use discount coupons, however this functionality is current planned for a later date.
  3. This is in backlog, but if the main use is for wholesale clients then you should be able to use other methods for the time being.
  4. Theoretically you should be able to add a custom field to your products for “compare at price” that can be placed as desired.
  5. This is something that may not be planned yet, but I would check the Wishlist. CSV product upload is planned after the release, so you may be able to use this method at some point. For some context, there wasn’t even a smooth way to do this on Shopify without paying for an app or by using the Launchpad app that’s only available to Shopify Plus subscribers.
  6. This is another thing that may not be planned yet but to go back to my previous example, Shopify has no easy way to do this either. Basically you can schedule page or product publishing, but not specific graphical elements without using Launchpad and changing the entire theme with the select changes applied.
  7. There are a number of tutorials available in the forum to create modal popups, and with a bit of JS you should be able to show these depending on whether or not a visitor has visited the site before. Additionally email clients like Mailchimp have code available for newsletter signups.
  8. Like I mentioned above, this is planned after the full release.
  9. Another feature that isn’t necessarily on the roadmap, but I’d bet that you can look into incorporating Google Merchant Reviews or another third party service in the meantime. If not, then it’s good to recommend on the Wishlist.
  10. This looks like the same request from point 1 - product variants - which are planned for the full release.
  11. Are you talking about having alternate product images that you can showcase on a product page? If so, I’ve definitely seen this done with custom fields.

Again I’m not too familiar with the limitations of the platform just yet, but I’d bet that most of your concerns can be solved with updates planned after the full release or even with already existing features and a little creativity.

Obviously if I’m off on any of my suggestions, I’d appreciate someone more familiar with it to correct me so I can update my reply.


@mikeyevin, great review of these point. I will say that #11 is already in the works and will be release with the full version. I have seen it in use in the Webflow ecom webinar that came out at the end of October. Check their YouTube channel for this video.

#3 is in the works as well and from what I have heard could be release with the public release or very shortly there after.

#5 should be doable with a Zapier Zap, when it is fully released after the Beta as well.

Hope that additionally helps.


Thank you gents,

Your input is most helpful to me and others.



#9 is something we just created for webflow ecommerce users with

When a customer buys something in your webflow shop they get an email to review the product(s) they bought from you. The reviews are displayed in a widget that you can easily add to you product page.

The whole process from order to review is automated. Additionaly, you can use Monto to manage your reviews in a dashboard and customize your widgets to your liking.