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Up-coming Ecommerce questions

I am overly excited for the ecommerce stuff thats coming.

I have some big questions though
Will there be integration for taxes? This is huge. Proper sales tax is done by zip + 4. Also to get the plus 4 (which most people dont know theirs) You can use third party look ups like smarty streets for example. I mean in coding a site I currently have a db table that has tax percentages so first i look up the plus 4 then then pull the proper tax percentage and do the math. So is this going to be another add custom code or export the site and host it somewhere else?

Also will there be the ability to enter the orders into the cms? Again orders are great but you have to have a way to track them. Of course the plain ability to just enter data into the cms with a form would be needed.

I have so many more questions but I feel these 2 are the biggest. My goal is to be able to build site from design to hosting using the webflow platform. And it seems to me thats what webflow would also like.

This thread has some answers to questions that were not addressed in the announcement.

Short Answer: Yes

Short Answer: There will be an ecommerce API.

Short Answer: There will be some sort of Order Management system separate from the CMS.

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Very exciting. Can’t wait to get rolling with this. I have an upcoming customer that would be great to do this with rather than export and go to my regular host.

Yes! I too have a couple project ready to try this.
Have you signed up for the Beta?

Disclosure: if you use that link it will give me a small bump up the list. :grimacing:

Yep all signed up. Gave ya a click on the link. :slight_smile:

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