People react to: Ecommerce announcement

Yay! This is the best news in a long time. Great work Webflow team! :smiley:
I am super excited!


I squealed with glee the entire time I was scrolling through the page, and I watched every single video.

This is going to be game-changing. Bigger than IX2.0.


I wonder if this means that other account-necessitating tasks are also just around the corner.

Forums. Badges. Chats. Communities. Apps. File storage and retrieval.


Excited too!



I wonder how much control we’re going to have over the receipt and order update emails.

Custom email designer?
/wishful thinking


Probably not much. My guess is that it will be like Forms. Use Zapier to get the most out of it.


I’ve literally spent the whole weekend looking at how I can build an ecommerce website with Webflow, unfortunately, I didn’t like the options of using Shopify or Foxycart, so have ended up sticking with WordPress.

I can’t wait for this! @webflow do we have an ETA?


Finally. Can’t wait! Thank you!


I am immensely excited that this is coming to Webflow. I’ve used Foxycart and I do love it, but it will be so much easier that it’s all in Webflow.

I have a project where Foxy is not integrated yet, so I’m going to make sure I’m the first one with a Webflow Ecommerce site! (Hopefully)

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Very exciting news, opens up webflow to even more users and the opportunity to build professional ecommerce solutions. (Loving the announcements page design and interactions, nice job!)

One thing though, are we going to see faceted search/filters being added to webflow search to help users find the products they want? (See 3 top screen examples) or suggested search items where the text is prefilled as you enter your search (last image)

Also a more personalised search results page as this can be quite limited especially when it comes to the snippet text.



I read this and my brain shut down for a second out of utter surprise. This is amazing and I cannot wait!


Signed up for the waiting list.
Looking back, I think this will be the biggest milestone for Webflow to achieve on the march to take back the web for designers.


Ooooh used your referral link… smart move :wink: :joy:


Thanks for that bump. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am literally just starting a project TODAY that could benefit from this functionality. I’m definitely going to design with this in mind and once I get my beta link I’ll just switch it over.

Hopefully we can get an ETA on when this will be live. I’m pimping out my referral link, so here’s to hoping I get my beta link later this afternoon. :wink:

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Anyone else notice this little caption in the corner of the marketing page?
I was just looking at Lottie the other day in fact, but I’m really intrigued about this custom SVG, JS upload feature.

This site was built entirely with Webflow — minus most of the hero introduction, which we built in After Effects and integrated on the page using Lottie. We wrote custom code to sync the Lottie playback with the Webflow IX2 animations in the hero, and uploaded the Lottie animation via a feature we’re testing internally to upload files (JS, SVG, etc) to Webflow sites.


A lot of nice features in the pipeline and a lot too look forward to :smiley:
The flexibility++ for us designers having this power in Webflow is great. But also the backend for the store owners and merchants is important and it will be very interesting to see how they have solved the part with inventory and order management.
Also, the POS integration is a great thing they have put on the roadmap. At least here in Europe is iZettle very popular among small shops and startups and a integration with them would actually be another game-changer!


Shopify seem to be boasting here, I wonder if that testimonial will last much longer :slight_smile:


As a professional magician, and a very frequent user of Theory11, I have to say their website is stunning and VERY easy to use, although the shopping cart nice it’s nothing special, so I don’t think they’ll have that testimonial for long!



Omg! This will be a game changer for my company and workflow.

I only wish that cart abandonment was not on the long term list and not planned for long term.

Also webflow team, will we be able to create private apps and connect to an api for third party inventory systems? I haven’t used the webflow api at all, but not being able to connect to a specific inventory system like shopify can would make this a no go for me. My biggest client uses a fulfillment service and being able to connect to their api would be required.

Other than that, I’m pretty excited about this. Thanks for moving this forward.