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People react to: Ecommerce announcement

I think i am the first Person who signed up for it :wink: Received the Email at 2:02pm. Signed Up at 2:03.
We just started last week with a new project to do also an ecommerce Site. We hope this Beta will start soon. :slight_smile:


Hi @Cricitem – I’m the Product Manager working on Ecommerce here.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the ecommerce email customization. The customization capabilities and workflows are much better than our existing form notification functionality.

Make sure to sign up for the Beta, and you’ll be able to check it yourself out once we open up access.


@kkilat, already pleasantly surprised by everything in the announcement. Digital downloads, too? Awesome!

One thing we’re dying to know, to set our own roadmap: think there will be a way to support subscription/recurring pricing? (e.g. annual cost)


We couldn’t agree more – and are focusing as much effort on the store management experience as we are for the design workflows.


are we going to see faceted search/filters being added to webflow search to help users find the products they want?

Glad you’re excited – we are too!

One thing I will say about the roadmap presented in the announcement page – at least for the items listed as further out into the future – is that the exact order in which we tackle them is going to be fluid.

Once Ecommerce is live and we are learning more about the biggest needs from customers, we will likely be shifting the priority around based on that additional information.

So once we’ve started Beta and launched in full, please keep sending us that feedback via the Wishlist and here in the Forums to help us make those decisions!

Also webflow team, will we be able to create private apps and connect to an api for third party inventory systems?

We do plan on offering the ability to access both product and order data via the Webflow API to enable integrations with third part solutions.


Any news on whether there will be a different hosting tier for e-commerce - or will it sit within the current CMS hosting tier?

Not in the initial version that we launch with – but it is on our radar.

As you can imagine, there is A TON to build to fill all of the ecommerce needs. Like I mentioned to @dapitts08, once our solution is live, we will use feedback from folks like you via the Wishlist, Forum, etc. to help us prioritize additional features like this!

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I know a lot of those search features you mentioned are on the team’s radar – but as of right now I wouldn’t expect them to be there from day 1 of the Ecommerce launch.

We do understand how important strong search functionality is to online stores in particular, though. So I can imagine Ecommerce pushing these conversations forward once we launch, depending on what we are hearing and learning from folks like you!

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Already signed up for it and I’m using the share link like crazy.

Any clues on how soon a bunch of clicks through to our share link will get us into the beta?

This. Is. AWESOME! Seriously looking forward to this! Lack of e-commerce has been one of the reasons I’ve hesitated on dedicating myself to truly learning Webflow, but not that I KNOW that it’s coming, I feel like this tool is going to be the next big thing. Once it’s up and running and catches steam it’ll be like saying goodbye to Wordpress and Shopify! Can’t wait!!!


I was wondering this as well.

Plan and pricing details haven’t been finalized yet.

This would be a killer feature and stripe supports it. Should be easier to integrate?

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Thanks, I would hope this would be pretty high up on the demands list if anyone is serious about making a professional ecommerce experience. Customers know what they want now a days and are often searching for specifics so without filters this is going to be difficult to achieve. Perhaps you can see your way for making a case to prioritise this?

@kkilat Thanks for answering our questions.

Is there anything you can reveal about how e-commerce collections will work structurally? I noticed in the youtube videos that there are some dedicated commerce collections called Products, Categories, and Default SKU.
Are these default collections for commerce?
Can we create our own commerce collections, say for tags or wholesale collections?
Also in the example, how does the Chairs collection differ or relate to the products collection?


Noticed the Cart element in the the videos too. I assume this is to add a cart to any page but will there be an easy way to globally add the cart to every page, or is it necessary to create a symbol from the cart element to add manually to each page.


It also appears that there will be some new static Utility pages such as a Checkout page. Are there any others?

Refunds are something I don’t see on the roadmap at all. Is it expected for clients to handle that via Stripe?


@RoseWebStudio Filtering (not customized search) is possible already if you follow this example. It works well for me on a current work in progress.

Thank you, not really a multi filter though is it? And would really like this to be part of the ecommerce solution without all the fiddling around. I would have thought from a background database point of view this is a where clause, for example I search for t shirts and want “where t shirt is red and size is small” can’t be too difficult?

How about filters to CMS?

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Oh yes definitely for a complete and professional user experience, the search is great just need that extra functionality to make it complete