Pasting Markdown in Rich Text doesn't work anymore


As I’m unable to import properly formatted text via API, I’ve resorted to copy/pasting Markdown formatted text into a Rich Text Field in the CMS.
It used to work perfectly up until yesterday. Now copy pasting Markdown text in RTF in CMS does not format the text anymore.

Markdown still works tho, if I type "## " I get a H2 title. But if I paste the same thing, it doesn’t work.

First line is typed, second line is pasted:

I copy/pasted 200+ Markdown formatted texts over the last weeks and it worked well.
Tested on Brave Browser and Chrome with similar negative results.

Any idea where this is coming from?

I’ve seen some issues in the forum regarding false-positive detection of markdown content on paste from e.g. Google Docs.

Best guess is that Webflow got enough complaints that they’ve pause the paste-triggered MD processing support while they [hopefully] work on some fixes.

But that’s just a guess. Have you contacted support? The community is not informed of these types of changes.

Hi, you’re right, Webflow disabled Markdown in CMS RTF for the time being as it was causing false detection.

Thanks for the heads up.

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Does this mean Webflow does not support Markdown in Rich Text fields?

It’s still working fine for me in the Editor. I assume in the Designer as well.
It MAY not be auto-detecting markdown on API-added content, or CSV imports.