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CMS Rich text content copy and paste problem from MS Word

Hello there,

I have been experinceing a problem with CMS rich text data which i believe is a bug.

After i create my cms collections, i have pasted my content to the content section that i prepared in a word file.

Eveytime i copy and past my contents, most of the words are pasted are attached.

Here is as an example:

Word file content:

" By exchanging business cards and follow up latter discussing certain topics are issues,chances are high that you’ll get a bit more information about the current issues you are facing in your business by the working business of others."

Pasted content:

“By exchangingbusiness cards and follow up latter discussingcertain topics are issues,chances arehigh that you’ll get a bit more information about the currentissues you are facing in your business by the working business of others.”

I would be really happy if somebody faced and solves this problem.

Thank in advance

Pasting from Word is problematic. See → CMS - Paste from word doc - Removes spaces between some words

I faced this many times. What works for me (not always but it does) is pasting from word into any other place that accepts formatted text - for example into slack message. Sending this message would create a formatted text that you can again copy and paste into Webflow rich text field.

I don’t know but I thing it is all about how is C/P in Word set up. I have never heard to use Slack for converting/scraping down text format applied by Word. It is IMO total overkill, mean extra unnecessary work but if this work why not.

Copied text from Word on macOS pasted into WF RTE preserves headings formatting and words do not loose spacing. It is all about Word settings, but I din’t figure out how to preserve ul/ol list. Anyway, because this request was ONLY about text it self there was answer from link posted by @webdev. But it should work out from the box - at least on latest or newer Word version.

Webflow has earlier made it clear they do not want to fix this issue. Right click and “paste as plain text” removes the issue (but also all formatting you’ve done).

I have now just test one thing that works seamlessly. When you open Word document in Google Docs Copy paste works without any issues. I have tried on two documents headings and list preserved and no issues with word spacing. Worth to try.

I just tried this - Didn’t work for me. Anyone else have any other suggestions?

A paste as plain text option is available. You can choose to paste your content “with” formatting or “without” formatting. There is no way for Webflow, or any other WYSIWYG editor, to know which formatting you want to keep and which formatting you don’t want to keep especially when a lot of that formatting is applied automatically in the background by text editing programs like Microsoft Word.

Hi @Kristyn_Ws It should work just fine without any problems if Word document is formatted correctly. In video is explained what I mean with examples.

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