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Preserving Formatting when Copying From My Website Content (Rich Text) to Other Programs

Hi, probably a weird case here, but here mine goes.

I want to copy and paste content (blog posts) from my website, created in Webflow CMS into other tools that I use so that I can log and reference my content in the future (e.g., note-taking tool).

My CMS content is in a rich-text field which then gets reflected on a regular web page on my website. When I copy my content from my website and paste in another program, I lose all formatting including line spacing. I get a blob of unformatted and unstructured text, instead of my line break/paragraph spacing that is reflected on my web page.

I’m curious if this is a bug, or if there’s something else maybe causing this that I should look at?

This is a very irritating limitation with rich text inside Webflow. Zero portability.

To workaround it I store original content as markdown files and when I need to paste into WF, I convert it to basic HTML and paste. Cleaning it up as needed. At least I can version control the content. Not helpful when clients use the editor however.

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