CMS Rich Text Content and Word


I’m attempting to simply copy and paste text from my Word Doc into a Rich Text field within a Collection in the CMS.

It isn’t working, with nothing pasted.

Any help?


Hey Dan,

Is it working in the CMS dashboard?

No, unfortunately not. That is where I am attempting to paste in the content and it isn’t working.

Bizarrely, I can paste the text from MS Word into an MS outlook email, then copy that into the CMS dashboard and it works (although it also strangely pastes the formatting code before it)…


Can anyone help with this? @cyberdave @vincent perhaps?


You’re not intending to paste with the styles right?

Use this option to paste:

Or paste your text in a PURE text editor before, to clear any formatting.

When you copy things from Word, it copies a lot of RTF formatting. That may render your paste into webflow not working.

PS: “paste and match style” should really be named “paste pure text” because that’s what it really does. The fact pure text is going to match the style of the host element is true to but is somehow automatic.

Thanks @vincent

It worked to some extent. It does paste the text into the Rich Text field, but none of the styles are matched. Also adjusting the style of text, once pasted, does not work. Eg highlighting text to make bold literally just deletes the text and just clicking into the field is equivalent to pressing the ‘enter’ button. This is now even the case if I type directly into the field.

Is this buggy behaviour?

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I don’t know… Could you screencast that so that I see you doing it?

I’m not sure what I did, but I played around with it and it seems to be working now with the paste and match style, although the formatting doesn’t translate from MS Word. Should it?

Thanks @vincent

No. Although the text widget of the Webflow CMS is called Rich Text, I don’t think what you copy from Word, which carries RTF formatting, will transfer to Webflow.

However, it’s not a silly question at all because numerous rich text components used by various CMSs on the web actually DO take formatting from Word and other RTF text processing softwares.

But this feature, accepting RTF formatting from external softwares, has never been a good news. It usually meant : “The super CMS system you’ve been spending month to fine tune and make solid will be destroyed in seconds when you client is going to inject RTF in it.”

So in reverse, Webflow being “difficult” in what it accepts kind of prevents you to do a mess and your client to bring your design to its knees.

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