Outseta & Webflow as a Learning Management System (LMS) for Video Courses

Hellow Webflow!

I wanted to share something that we’ve been working on at Outseta—the ability to use Outseta & Webflow together as a learning management system (LMS). This set of tools and the cloneable template we launched are particularly powerful for a few reasons.

But first things first—here’s a new site that we just launched to demonstrate the flexibility of our cloneable template.


First off, shout out to @MackenzieChild—you all know it but he’s just crazy talented and our template certainly builds off of functionality you’ve seen before like the “Mark Lessons As Complete” functionality he’s shared in previous tutorial videos. Look familiar?

Beyond that, every user gets their own dedicated landing page that tracks their progress as they move through course materials.

But now this is where things get really interesting. With Outseta, you can track exactly how members interact with your site content, completely without code by using custom attributes. This is super useful because not only does the student have a way of tracking their own progress, but administrative users can also see how each student is progressing through your content or curriculum from within Outseta.

We give you access to this information in aggregate as you see below—this is useful in understanding which lessons of pieces of content are popular with your students.

But more importantly, this same information is available automatically on every student’s individual CRM record within Outseta—so you can easily see exactly which lessons have been started and completed by each individual student.

While the demo site we shared is delivering a single video course, our cloneable template is also designed so that you can offer multiple video course concurrently—and also provide teaser content for each. This makes it easy to launch a site that sells a library of online courses.

Here’s a link to the cloneable LMS template.

As well as documentation for setting this all up on your own.

Finally, where did this all come from? Outseta customers are commonly building SaaS products, membership sites, and online communities. No matter what you’re building, it’s become increasingly popular amongst our customer to also want to offer online courses—and our most demanding customers wanted to provide a seamless login experience across their SaaS products, websites, online communities, and courses.

Outseta’s single sign on (SSO) functionality supports this across a wide range of products, so users can now login to online courses hosted on Webflow in addition to their community, SaaS product, or other websites all at the same time.

We’re pretty jazzed about this and hope you are too. Any questions, just holler!


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Hey Geoff

This is awesome. Thanks for developing this template. I’m looking to migrate my single course from Kajabi into more of a content hub/community with a library of courses and newsletters for my customers through webflow. The biggest challenge I was running into is how to integrate an LMS into a webflow site. I want to try and keep the site simple. I have a few questions: Do you think I could use this template (and outseta) to build this content hub inclusive of a newsletter and community? What do some of your current customers use for their online community?

Thanks again for the post.

  • KC
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Hi @KC_Holiday! My apologies for the delayed response here. Outseta has a newsletter component built into our software as well, as is commonly connected with communities built on Circle, Tribe, Discord, or Slack. Circle has definitely been the most popular so far—we have an SSO integration so users can login to your Webflow LMS and Circle community concurrently.

Happy to chat anytime!


Hi @GeoffRobertsOutseta,

I’d like to create a website where I can sell both online courses and digital products - all with a webflow front-end. I’d also like users to be able to login to one account that shows both the courses and digital products they’ve purchased. Outseta sounds like a fantastic solution for the course part of this - but I’m curious if integrating that non-course digital product side would be possible? Eventually I’d also like to have a membership option for users to access a select library of the courses and digital products. Any guidance you could provide would be much appreciated!



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Hi Jacob,

Yes, Outseta handles this use case well! Many of our customers will essentially offer a free membership to their site, then allow members to purchase from a catalog of digital products. These can be courses or really any kind of digital product that you want to sell. This site is a good example of this structure.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!


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Hi @KC_Holiday,

Have you found a solution to connecting your webflow site to an LMS? I am planning to build a website where students can buy purchase a la carte and I’m wondering how I can make it so that once the course is purchased, the course automatically shows up in the LMS with the student’s account so that each student has a different view in the LMS.