When to use Outseta for memberships with Webflow

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My name is Geoff, I’m one of the Co-founders of Outseta. While you may have heard of us, we’re generally the lesser known of the membership software products that work great with Webflow. While you’re likely familiar with some of the other membership software products (and I’m sure are excited for Webflow’s own membership features!) I wanted to share a little context on some of the features unique to Outseta that might make it a great fit for your next Webflow project. I think you’ll see we’re quite different from the alternatives and what Webflow is building natively—there’s a time and place for every tool! Here we go…

  1. Members can purchase multiple subscriptions (or other products) concurrently—and all of 'em can be used to protect content.

Here’s a catalog of products one of our customers offers at checkout.

  1. Users can sign up and login with an email address and password, but we also support Google authentication.

  1. You can track exactly how members are engaging with your site and content directly on their CRM records. You can set this up using custom attributes in a 100% no-code fashion.


Here’s how to use custom attributes to track member engagement.

  1. Outseta supports both individual and team based memberships—and you can offer both at the same time! So many of our customers start our offering individual memberships, but realize an opportunity to sell to organizations over time.


  1. The all-in-one nature of Outseta means you can manage your entire business from behind a single login. This is the big one. No need to integrate with other CRM, email marketing, help desk, or reporting tools.


If you have any questions on whether Outseta could be a good fit for your next Webflow project, feel free to reply here. Cheers!



This looks great, I’ll keep Outseta in mind for future projects.

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Awesome! Happy to chat anytime if it’s helpful.

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