How Christine Lashley tripled her income with Webflow and Outseta memberships

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Super excited to share this story. Christine Lashley is an artist who had previously hacked together an art instruction business using tools like Paypal, Zoom, Vimeo and email. She recently did an entire rebuild of her business using Webflow and Outseta—the result of which was a 3X increase in her revenue.

In Webflow she found a designer that could meet the demands of a discerning artist. In Outseta she found a membership platform flexible enough to support a highly personalized delivery model while giving her the tools to run her business like…well, a business!

Full story here:

Some highlights:

  • She’s able to offer customers multiple subscriptions and one-time products concurrently.

  • She also offers ad-hoc critiques of students’ work using Outseta’s manual billing and invoicing tools.

  • She can setup protected content based on any of the subscriptions or other products purchased.

  • She introduced a trial-to-paid customer acquisition funnel, doubling her sign ups.

  • She’s using segmentation and logic to trigger automated emails.

  • She’s using Outseta’s help desk to provide great customer service to her customers.

  • She has full financial reporting for each customer, each product, and the business as a whole.

This is one of the more compelling examples I’ve seen of what Webflow and Outseta can do when used together. Best of all, it’s highly replicable for other similar style membership sites.

Any questions on how it’s built? Just reply here.

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Please also check out Monto Simple Subscriptions. It’s built specifically for Webflow Ecommerce, so takes advantage of a deeper integration with your Webflow site.

We charge zero transaction fees, just a low monthly SaaS fee. Watch out, those 1%'s per transaction add up fast!

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Yes, that’s correct. However if you’re running a business you’ll inevitably need other tools—CRM, email marketing, help desk, etc. This is what’s included with Outseta as part of your 1% fee. If you do a true analysis of your software related costs, the vast majority of companies come out way ahead with Outseta. You also need to factor in time you spend integrating tools—our stack in pre-integrated from the get-go which alone can save thousands.


Appreciate the feedback. I think you’ll find that we’re significantly cheaper than the other membership software platforms on the market, with a significantly deeper feature set. If your objective is solely to process payments with the minimal fees, I’d recommend you integrate with Stripe directly.


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