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Webflow online courses membership


Right now I build custom websites with Wordpress for clients that includes membership (MemberPress) and online courses with progress, gamification, etc (LearnDash). There are a number of different plugins that go along with this to make it all flow really seamlessly.

I started to look at Kartra as an option, which I kinda love because it comes with funnels and email campaigns too.

However, I like the idea of Webflow and am curious if I can create the same thing with a couple of additional integrations.


Thank you for your guidance and expertise in advance.



@HeyAmandaR :thinking: you can use either memberpress or memberstack with webflow. I haven’t looked at learndash yet so I don’t know about that or Kartra either.
You can do a lot with webflow, memberstack and either zapier or integromat as well as something like convertkit for emails.

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Hi Amanda! I actually have the same exact question :slight_smile: looking into purchasing kartra and really wanting to know how to integrate it with my webflow site. I’m going to start the trial and see if i can figure it out… Happy to follow or be in touch about this !!

I am a long time Webflow user but just new to Kartra and have the same goal. Did you get far in your assessment yet?
Love your feedback!!!
Happy to share.

I’m not at all familiar with Kartra and all of the options it has, but… to answer your question in regards to Webflow and a couple of integrations, the answer is yes.

Checkout this quick video walk through of mine using MemberStack: