Memberstack VS Outseta

Anyone ever work with Outseta? Just now discovering it and looks pretty interesting. I’ve used Memberstack now for a year but there are still a handful of limitations (not unhappy with Memberstack, looking forward to 2.0 version coming soon I hear). Let me know your thoughts if you’ve played around with it!


I’m also curious about this. Can’t find even one single ACTUAL user review… I know these guys are pretty new, but they got a round of funding last year so one would think they have a userbase… Following this thread!

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Hi @mackshirilla and @SarahB.
Josh with Foxy here. I’d love to learn about your use case. Foxy provides subscriptions and membership functionality, so there’s a chance we may be able to meet your needs. Feel free to email or message us here in the forums.


Hello @mackshirilla !

We make a subscription app native to Webflow Ecom (Simple Subscriptions) – it’s main advantage is that it lets you use Webflow ecommerce and simply turn any webflow ecom product into a subscription product. Also, you can allow your customers to buy non-subscription products alongside subscription products.

Totally free for your first 5 subscriptions. Holler if you’d like a hand getting set up!

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Foxy is a cool tool. BUT, it also lacks a lot. I love Snipcart’s additional features, where the owner can view the clients activity or lack of it and send them email. Their interface for that and other features is pretty cool.

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If subscriptions are what you’re after, Snipcart is still pretty limited in that area.

Could you show me an example of your subscription? Thanks.

For sure. Actually we just posted a case study on a Foxy + Webflow user doing subscriptions, upsells, and lots of automation: How Is Using Foxy + Webflow to Change the Food Truck Industry

Here are some other examples:

And we’ve got our embeddable customer portal where subscribers can login, manage their subscriptions, update billing, and more: Create a customer portal in Webflow |

We use our own subscription functionality to charge our users every month. It’s not new functionality for us. Please let us know if you have any follow up questions.


Well to answer the actual question, this has been my experience so far:

Outseta Positives:
It offers more than just subscription based services. You also get CRM features, support ticketing system, email drip campaigns, user tracking, etc. It integrates all these pretty seamlessly negating having to share data between a bunch of third-parties. One nice feature that I didn’t get with Memberstack is the ability to have teams for each membership. This way, when a client wants more than one person to be able to access billing or support, its built right in to Outseta. There’s also a bit more flexibility with billing (per seat, one-off, etc.) than you get with Memberstack v1.0.

Outseta Negatives:
One area Memberstack is just better at is its flexibility with custom attributes. You can create completely custom login and sign up forms, for instance, and use custom attributes to pass that information to Memberstack. Outseta uses embeds with limited customizability. While its easy to place these embedded forms on the page, Webflow users like to design all aspects of the page and Outseta is lacking here.

All-in-all, Outseta just offers more for the price. If they would just give us a little bit more control through custom-attributes, it would be a no-brainer, at least until we see what Memberstack 2.0 offers.

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Hey @mackshirilla!

Geoff Roberts here, I’m one of the Co-founders of Outseta. My sincere apologies—I just came across this thread and I’m only a year late in responding!

I would loveeee the opportunity to show you what Outseta can do if you are still interested and / or up for it! Here’s some feedback from our customers: Outseta @

You can also book a 1-on-1 call with me any time: Calendly - Geoff Roberts



Hi Sarah!

Geoff here, I’m one of the co-founders of Outseta. Apologies for being wayyyy late in seeing this. Here are a bunch of reviews from our customers: Outseta @

I would love to show you what Outseta can do anytime if you’re up for it! Calendly - Geoff Roberts


Oh very interesting! Really awesome! I would also like to put my training videos on it. Does it work too? I am a graphic designer & trainer.

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If you use Monto Simple Subscriptions you can send your subscribers training videos (I think that’s what you mean) but you’d need to do so using an outside email marketing service (like Mailchimp) but can manage subscriber list and subscriber billing with Monto.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions or if I misunderstood anything!

Hey @mackshirilla

I know we’re a little late to the party here but I work for Memberstack and wanted to chime in to keep you in the loop about the 2.0 update. As you can probably see, all of the membership platforms offers different (with some overlap) offerings.

As was mentioned previously in this thread, Memberstack tends to focus quite heavily on customizability. As you mentioned, we’re also moving into 2.0 right now, which is going to add features like new client and admin APIs, improved auth and payments features, support for multiple plans per member, and and a new test mode environment. We’re also now more fully integrated with Stripe (Hosted Checkout and Customer Billing).

I’m not sure if you’ve already done this, but let me know if you’d like a link to sign up for early access to the 2.0 environment. We’d love to have people familiar with the product start to see how it’ll work.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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lol all of these competitors trying to flex their products… ya’ll should just combine and make something really awesome for everyone. I’ve tried all of them and they all have equal pros and cons. No one is the clear winner here, which is pretty frustrating.