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Memberstack VS Outseta

Anyone ever work with Outseta? Just now discovering it and looks pretty interesting. I’ve used Memberstack now for a year but there are still a handful of limitations (not unhappy with Memberstack, looking forward to 2.0 version coming soon I hear). Let me know your thoughts if you’ve played around with it!


I’m also curious about this. Can’t find even one single ACTUAL user review… I know these guys are pretty new, but they got a round of funding last year so one would think they have a userbase… Following this thread!

Hi @mackshirilla and @SarahB.
Josh with Foxy here. I’d love to learn about your use case. Foxy provides subscriptions and membership functionality, so there’s a chance we may be able to meet your needs. Feel free to email or message us here in the forums.


Hello @mackshirilla !

We make a subscription app native to Webflow Ecom (Simple Subscriptions) – it’s main advantage is that it lets you use Webflow ecommerce and simply turn any webflow ecom product into a subscription product. Also, you can allow your customers to buy non-subscription products alongside subscription products.

Totally free for your first 5 subscriptions. Holler if you’d like a hand getting set up!

Foxy is a cool tool. BUT, it also lacks a lot. I love Snipcart’s additional features, where the owner can view the clients activity or lack of it and send them email. Their interface for that and other features is pretty cool.

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If subscriptions are what you’re after, Snipcart is still pretty limited in that area.

Could you show me an example of your subscription? Thanks.

For sure. Actually we just posted a case study on a Foxy + Webflow user doing subscriptions, upsells, and lots of automation: How Is Using Foxy + Webflow to Change the Food Truck Industry

Here are some other examples:

And we’ve got our embeddable customer portal where subscribers can login, manage their subscriptions, update billing, and more: Create a customer portal in Webflow |

We use our own subscription functionality to charge our users every month. It’s not new functionality for us. Please let us know if you have any follow up questions.