What Learning Management System integrates with Webflow?


I have been investigating and still do not see how to offer, using Webflow, a Learning Management System functionality (LMS) that offers: learners being able to track their own progress, earn a certificate upon completing a Course and create a Course that consists of e.g. 1) pre-survey, 2) an elearning created in an Authoring tool like Articulate (exported as SCORM or xAPI to integrate into an LMS), 3) an exam => learner receives a certificate if succesfully passed the exam (available in the learner’s profile).

Should we integrate Memberstack into Webflow and use zapier to integrate LearnDash into Webflow? Does this work? Smoothly, as LearnDash is created for WordPress? Should we use another LMS, which one?

The examples showed on Webflow’s website (e.g. Leonardo English and the Handpan only use video base e-learning - which is pretty basic and does not have exam, certificates, quizes).

Thank you for clarifying this important question.

I would recommend against trying to use this platform as a LMS since it lacks most of the required features one expects and the costs to build a custom solution are normally prohibitive. Ever hear of Moodle? https://moodle.com/solutions/lms/

Hey! If you want a very simple integration, I definitely agree with Jeff that you’re better off using a specific LMS.

That being said - you can build out all of this stuff with Webflow, Memberstack, and some JavaScript.

We do actually have a full online course template - could be a good place to start.

Hi, thanks for this feedback. Seems like a good template. The only point missing is a type of Certificate that a learner gets when having completed a Course. As we want to use Webflow+Memberstack to sell Medical Courses: Medical professionals need to obtain a minimum number of ‘Continued Medical Education Credits’ a year and need to upload the issued certificate in their own professional system, to allow them to claim the credits…

Any thoughts on this?

thank you Jeff. It is strange that so many professionals use Webflow to create academies and sell courses whilst, if I understand, its not meant to be used as such?

What sites are you referring to?

Webflow has very little tooling to support you in that goal. You’ll make nice looking pages, but beyond that the native feature set is too limited and you need to rely on external systems and custom code to make it work.

As Julian said, the tools you need do exist as products that you can integrate, and the rest can be bridged with custom code- but you’re building a car from parts here.

Regarding your downloadable PDF cert, yes you can do that as well using custom code. Depending on your specific requirements the easiest way is typically to design your cert in Webflow, set it up to populate the right data, and then use an HTML to PDF library to generate the PDF.

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I have to agree with Micheal here - you would be building a car from parts.

I guess the answer as to why so many people do it is because while it is harder to build and manage, it is also much more customizable. I think the decision you will have to make is between simplicity and flexibility :slight_smile: