Order of the projects

I’m working on WebFlow in total autodidact: I just have the videos (almost too numerous) of YouTube (I don’t know where to look) to learn how to use WebFlow. I’ve been trying to change the order of my projects for days and I can’t seem to do it. I’ve been looking and can’t find a solution. I just can’t seem to drag the projects one under the other. I haven’t decided on the order of my projects yet, and I would like to be able to set this to my liking), BUT everything is stuck. I don’t have any “exit” buttons like I see on tips on the internet, and I don’t know how to make it appear.

In short I am lost. Can someone please help me as I am really starting to get discouraged. I need to make my portfolio to get a job, and I really feel like I’m not done and will be in there for years.

Thanks in advance

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In your CMS, add a numeric field, you can name it Sort Key or something else that you like.

Populate it with numbers to indicate the sorting order you want.

In your collection list, sort using that field.