How to change order of CMS collections/items


how do I change order of the CMS content in Webflow?

Where does it get the order from now, and how can I change what i want to appear first, second etc.

Havent been able to figure that out…

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Hey @rdngon

Here you go!


No way (yet) to reorder the elements by the ui (drag and drop). For now sort by date, name and so on -or- by custom number feild manually (follow @donaldsv link).


The best way to control the sorting is to create a field in CMS, say, “Sorting” in the collection.

Set the Sort Order of the collection by “Sorting” field that you created in the CMS.

Add numbers 1,2,3,4, to each item via CMS, the way you’d like it to be sorted.

You can now sort the collection anytime, by changing these numbers through CMS.

You can also use 1.5 as a number in CMS, if you are looking to add something between 1 and 2 later.
Gives you good control.


This sounds good but doesnt work.

These two have 1 and 2 in order

Yet are at bottom

Also dont know why it says not published


@donaldsv and @Siton_Systems thx for link but doesnt work for me. dont see anywhere it says sort order.


Anyone knows? Thanks…

Can you please share your read-only link?

Been using it for quite some time. Create a Sort field in the CMS.

Follow this:

  1. Create a field in the CMS named “Sort” or whatever you’d like.
  2. Add the values 1,2,3,4.

After that, follow this guide.

  1. Go back to editor and click on the “Collection List”
  2. Click ‘Settings’.
  3. Add a “Sort” and order by the “Sort” field you Just created.

This works for me.

If you need further help, share the read only link:


THANK YOU :smiley: Worked perfect!!

@Arialwal Follow up question if you dont mind :smiley:

Im trying to make it clickable, but it says no fields to connect to.

I also see that in the CMS the status is set to “staged to publish”. Yet i dont see a “publish” button.

Is this why link isnt working? cause the cms pages isnt published? in that case > do u know where i can publish it/where this button is?

Don’t use the Get URL. Use the “Collection Page” option in “Link Settings” under settings.

Use Get URL only if you have a specific “URL” field in the CMS, for custom URL’s.

Staged for publish: Simply publish the website from the Editor and everything will be published.

Solution was quite helpful…tried implementing it on this project ( and it works just fine

for some very weird reason my sort and filter options arent there on my collection list?? any ideas why??

This actually worked. Thanks man :slight_smile:

Hi there - I can’t see this sort order either? Can anybody help?

Hiya did you ever discover where the sort order was? I can’t see it either?

The sort order is not in the CMS Collection, but in the actual visual element Collection List that you put on the page.

Loved it! Really a smart fix.

Thanks. I never thought about this.