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CMS Project Order

In the New Projects area for our site at - I’ve listed 5 of our new projects on the bottom half of the page. In the CMS collections for each New Project there is a CMS toggle for Project Order - I thought if I selected the numbers 1 - 5 it would order the pages on the New Project main page according to that number. But it is ordering the projects according to when I created them - is there a way to re-order the projects on the page by the number I assign to the project and not when it was created. I’d like to not have to delete and make new projects every time I would like to update this section of our website. Thanks

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You need to go into settings for the collection item, and add a ‘sort order’

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That should overwrite the default sort order

If that solves it - don’t forget to tick ‘solution’ :slightly_smiling_face:



Wow I didn’t know that you were able to sort this way with the help of a numerical field! That’s cool!

Thanks @StuM!

ping @zbrah zyva tavu ?

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No problem @vincent

If i’ve taught a Webflow expert a new trick - that’s quite an achievement!



Hi @StuM super excited to implement - just not sure where to go to find the settings for the collection item - where might I find that - did a search and the interface does not look the same now as it may have then.

@StuM I found it !!! THANK YOU !!! M