Changing the order of my CMS Projects

I’m super new to Webflow. I’m using a template to build my portfolio and my deadline is coming up, but it was a lot more complicated than I was expecting. I’m trying to change the order of my CMS projects, and I can’t figure out how to. Please let me know if you have any ideas in the simplest terms possible lol

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Morgan Johnston's Dandy Site
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Hi Morgan,

Webflow doesn’t have a way to explicitly order collection items. Instead you need to create a field as a sort key, and then sort your collection list on that field.

I usually create a numeric field, and number things 10, 20, 30. It’s an old-school programming trick that makes it easy to insert items later without having to renumber everything.

Then in your collection list, sort ascending on that field.

Thanks Michael!

When I sort it, it doesn’t stay like that. When I move to a different page to try and publish it, the order scrambles again and the projects just stay in the same order.

In the CMS collection admin interface [ those black screens ], that sort ordering is just a convenience to help you navigate your CMS data. It has zero impact on how your data appears in your published site.

On your actual website, sort ordering is defined in each collection list’s settings.

Go to the collection list that’s bound to your data, click the settings icon top right, and then scroll down until you see sort settings. That’s where you’ll set e.g. Sort by Order, Smallest to Largest.