How to reorder projects in collections?


I’m working on a graphic design portfolio and I need to find a solution to be able to reorder the projects in collections. For exemple adding a project between two other projects, changing the position of a project etc. For the moment it seems that the only way to do that would be to assign a number in a field for each project and to order the projects like that. But I decently cannot ask my client to do that on dozens of projects, it would become a real big mess and it would be like managing a portfolio in early 2000… Is there any other way to do that or is there any plan to implement simply reordering with a drag&drop fonction soon ?

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Hi, I had no idea how to handle that situation so I made a few research and checked on how we do that on Drupal.

I described it in a wishlist post that you can support:

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Hi thank you for your post, but actually you describe the same solution as I thought : create an order field. In all other CMS, you can reorder by drag and drop and visualise directly the order you made. But in webflow you can’t… and even to visualize it it’s complex as we can only have a complete view in the complete products listing but once you click on one product, you have to open each product one by one to see the order field… That make the CMS almost unusable for portfolios or products descriptions with a certain amount of products…

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Hi @tansenbel @vincent

I’d like drag to reorder too – consider adding your votes here (the request has been duplicated few times in the wishlist already):

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Yes I just voted with my client profile, I hope they will implement it, as for the moment it’s impossible for me to produce professional websites for clients just because of that…

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Although this requires two different backend views. One that’s purely technical—the one we already have in Webflow—and that you use for understanding / managing your content, sorting it on any column / property, and one that’s dedicated to the order field.

Oops I had check for such an entry but missed it.

That is true that at the moment, the CMS is built around the idea of a publishing platform: blog, newspaper, knowledge base. Hence the features we already have: multiple dates, switch for featured content etc.

When CMS is used for different needs, different features request show up.

Out of curiosity what’s the context of the site you’re talking about? What’s the nature of the collection that needs manual ordering and frequent inserting of items in between existing ones?

Hi @vincent

2 examples of sites I’ve built:

On this site the client wants to be able control the order of the cards:

On this site the client wants to be able to control the order of the menu items:

But I can see lots of other use cases – offer pages; ‘pinning’ particular posts or messages to the top of a page etc.

Ok great thanks for the examples

That is the exact feature that’s there by default on Drupal. ordering the primary menu items by dragging in the list. For other records in other type of contents, you need an extra module.

Diginbox is very fun :slight_smile: