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Opening language course website

Hello guys!
I’m planning to sell online courses (in video format) to the customers. For that purpose I want to use webflow. (I will have subscription option and also buy a full course)
Of course I need a dashboard, payments, emails etc.
But I’m wondering can I fully build this website on webflow?
Do I need to use webflow eccomerce?
What steps I must not miss? (the most important)
Legal part, do I need to open a business or what?
Thank you very much for any information

Hi @nice_design!

Online courses sounds like a great idea, and you are able to sell courses on Webflow.

Webflow allows for the sale of physical and digital products within our Ecommerce solution.

For additional reference on all of our features please visit our Ecommerce course here: Webflow Ecommerce | Webflow University.

Currently, we do not support subscription payments or memberships. This is definitely something on our roadmap.

An alternative for user accounts, memberships, and subscriptions is Memberstack. They provide simple ways to provide subscriptions that integrate easily with Webflow sites. You can check out their documentation to make sure it can do what you need before purchasing. Currently, Memberstack does not integrate with our Ecommerce offering.

​An external e-commerce system can be added with a Basic or CMS site plan in Webflow and does not require an Ecommerce site plan or our Ecommerce features.

For implementing an external e-commerce system Webflow supports using Custom Code either in the Head/Body or via the Custom Code Embed widget. It is also possible to use Collection Fields in custom code embeds, making code embeds dynamic.

With regards to what type of website can be created in Webflow we strongly recommend reading through our Terms of Service and have your own legal experts do the same to make the best determination they can about whether or not you believe your business will be fully compliant with the full agreement — and proceed from there.