Is it possible to build course offering website on Webflow?

Is it possible to build a course offering website that offers only online access to their students for a limited time offer? Transactions will take place online here. Should I go with eCommerce Webflow? Please guide me in this matter. Helping Hands are welcome!

The Webflow CMS can be used to create a course-style outline and content.

Webflow Memberships offers the ability to gate those pages so that only authorized members can access them.

You’ll need an ECommerce plan to take payments ( one time, or recurring ).

The “limited time offer” depends on the details. If you’re offering a limited time discount, you can probably accomplish that by creating a special “product” in ECommerce linked to those access groups, at a special rate, and then replace it later with the full rate one.

There was a discussion of discounts and trial periods at one point however to my knowledge that hasn’t been implemented. Worth spinning up a test site and trying it out to see for yourself.