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Customer Login and Subscription Payments

I’m considering using Webflow to design a e-commerce site for a client of mine; otherwise I will be using Wordpress. My question is: can I build an e-commerce solution for my client? She wants her website to be able to sell subscription content to visitors. She wants to sell one time purchases of her videos, or subscriptions to a user account area with access to her video archive. How could I create something like this with a Webflow designed site?

Maybe I could design the site somewhere and then host it elsewhere and then add the e-commerce stuff to it? But, then can I still benefit from the Webflow CMS feature?

Thanks in advanced.

Currently the most you can do is design a site and use third party tools to embed e-commerce functionality. Things like Shopify.

Shopify isn’t the only option you can take a look at this thread discussing other options.

Depending on the level of customization you need you can export your design to something like Magento or Shopify. You wont have access to the Webflow CMS functions.

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