Is it possible to sell a course from my page?

I have not yet paid for a webflow plan, I want to know if I need the business plan to sell a virtual course that would only be audios of my education course. If this is the case, I would like to know what the process is to add the course. Would it be on my page? or should it be sent to the user? The important thing is that the user can access the audios easily. Thanks in advance!

Hi Kevin,

This is actually a very broad question, and choosing the right approach for your situation depends on a lot of factors. I can suggest some paths that might work for you.

Deciding exactly what you want here is the most important part.

  1. Are you emailing the audio file to them?
  2. Giving them long-term login access to a page?
  3. Giving them a one-time download page after the purchase?

In the native-Webflow ecosystem you can check out these approaches;

Options 1 & 3 you might be able to do with a Webflow e-commerce plan and “selling” a digital asset. I believe Webflow has at least one of these options built in.

Option 2, you can use Webflow memberships with a gated page. Double-check that Webflow still has a one-time payment option for membership subscriptions, unless you want them to be billed e.g. monthly.

Alternatively, look at solutions like Foxy and ECwid which have a broader range of capabilities.
These add some cost, but can be used without an Webflow e-com plan. If your site is very simple ( one product ) you might even be able to use a Basic Webflow hosting plan.