Only 30 fields in a collection on payed CMS hosting plan?

I need a collection with more than 30 fields, but I get a warning at the bottom: “0/30 fields left, add hosting to get more” The site already has the CMS hosting plan activated. Is there a 30 fields limitation on the CMS hosting plan? I cant find any info on this.

Site in question:

FYI, @samliew did a summary of this sort of limitations that are not really advertised by Webflow :

Thanks @Pasint

Then the “add hosting to get more” warning is very misleading @Webflow!

Yes, there is a limitation. The number of fields is directly linked to the complexity of the CMS, to the number of queries made to the database, which is what defines what Webflow pays for your hosting.

You get 30 fields for CMS hosting and 60 for business hosting.

You can find those informations in the Hosting tab of your site, by clicking on View full comparison


@vincent looks like this information is no longer there on the new webpage?

Your site’s settings, in the Hosting tab.

Ah, yes, see it now. I looked for this information on the public Webflow site.

It used to be but now it’s only in the hosting tab.

Hi, looks like your making great progress with your site, nice one.

I have come up with this issue a few times but got round it each time by creating separate ‘reference’ cms items to incorporate standard items you use across your site.

Not sure if this will be suitable for your project but a thought that might help?

Good luck