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Fields limitation of one collection? 30 Fields?

I am building a new site and is using the CMS. There is a collection that needs more than 30 fields. This is the first time I reach this limitation.

I am still developing the site and not purchase a hosting plan yet. I wonder what would be the limitation after I buy the CMS or the BUSINESS site plan.

I cannot find an answer on the pricing page! Does anyone here know about this?

@PixelGeek @thesergie

I need help with this too. 30 fields are not enough when you have multiple images and captions, I have had to use others for workaround solutions too.

The limit of fields per collection is 30 normally and 40 with business hosting. For more limits, you can check out @samliew’s awesome post here.

  1. Max number of fields per collection: 30 ( 40 with business hosting)

Without knowing the specific needs of the project, have you tried to look into Reference Fields or Multi-Reference Fields to get around the limit?

Edit: Pinging @Oscarneu so you see my response as well. Cheers!

Seems like you can now have 60 fields with business hosting

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Oh really?!

That’s a really good news!

Thanks for the update @samliew

Where can I confirm this? It is not listed in their Pricing page

@Francisco_Carreon project settings


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