Freelancer Workspace Plan site CMS Limits

I noticed that a freelancer workspace plan has a limit of 50 CMS fields per collection. If I were to transfer the site or host it myself with a CMS plan Hosting, would the amount of CMS fields decrease? I am wondering this because a CMS hosting plan has a limit of 30 fields per collection, and not 50 like the freelance workspace.

Hey Grant,

I think you may have misread something- I’ve not heard of any 50 in relation to CMS fields. There’s 30 for CMS hosting plans, and 60 for Business/Enterprise hosting plans.

The Workspace plan you’re using only affects unhosted sites. When a site is hosted, the site’s plan governs what that site can do. The workspace has no relevance.

So usually you’d build the site using whatever workspace plan you need, and then you’d setup hosting based on what you built. In the case of collection fields, if you built the site on a freelancer plan using 60 fields/collection, then yes you’d have to host it using the business plan to support that.

Our team found the site / workspace plans difficult to decode as well, so we have a guide and a lot of notes that we use here;

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