One-page Colorful Website for Miami Produce Company

Hey guys, this is my first website on Webflow for a client of mine.

Let me know what you guys think! It’s a simply one page, but very colorful :smile:

Any feedback is appreciated!

  • Charlie
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Looks good :slight_smile: weldone.

Only tiny issue i have is the phone & email contact details under the main navigation. Id move them somewhere else.

Nice work


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Colorful and juicy! Love it. :+1:

Issues to me:

  1. contact info in the navbar, maybe I would make it smaller or move to another position
  2. from intro page I thought it is company selling plants :smiley: not a ready grown veggies, but maybe it is because English is not my native language.

Sweeeet @cpjackman! :smile:
Love the colors and the typography combined!

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Thanks for all your comments guys. @sabanna And @Sveky I will take your advice and remove that information from the menu bar and just leave it clean and simple.

If you have any more feedback keep it coming!

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Nice work, it’s clean and bold.

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Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

I think it looks very nice, but since you asked for feedback, I’ll give you two things that I noticed.

  1. The root in the photo has so much black dirt that it fades into the background and looks almost more like cigarette ashes or something. It looks like some background masking that took out too much of the root itself. I think it’s a powerful image, but the fact that the root is almost not there diminishes its power.
  2. This is not really something wrong, but something that I think would make it “pop” a bit more… In your orange section, I think it would be cool to have a contained image of a root fixed into the background and faded back. Then when you scroll down, since the image is fixed it would evoke going even deeper down below the root to the source. Does that make sense?
    Anyway, good job! And great concept!

@ctotty that is a great idea! Didn’t think of that but will definitely try it! And I will check the black levels on that picture, maybe I crushed it a little too much. Thanks for your feedback.

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