My first Webflow's site

Hello, people!

Here’s my first site made from scratch on Webflow (guided by few tutorials, of course). There are some changes on the way, but it’s nearly done. I’d love some feedback. :smiley:

Cheers from Puerto Rico :puerto_rico:


Looks wonderful! I love the flow, layout and color palette. All blends together pretty nicely.
I’m pretty you’re already working on it but the third sliding panel should center mid-scroll rather then near the end. I feel like it’s pushed to the top and you aren’t giving the viewers enough time to read it when scrolling. It’s slightly uncomfortable. Other than that I think I spotted a typo or two in the English version! Great job :facepunch: .

Great job @A.Silva

Also love the colors as @rvguitard said. There’s just minor things that bothers me and you can improve without much effort.

I think the typography could use more punch :facepunch:. The text is a bit too small for me and the text length becomes too wide and harder to read. You are using about 140 characters per line, it should be way more comfortable to read if you keep the lines with 50 to 75 characters.

Another thing is that the photos are just GORGEOUS and you are hiding it instead of showing them as the main focus.

T.L.D.R.: Make the pictures becomes more prominent and the type larger (or text column narrower).

Hello @A.Silva

Really nice work!

My suggestions would be:

  1. Adding a animation of show/hide content whenever someone clicks the buttons on the ‘What we offer’ section, it’s a bit jumpy whenever you click and I think breaks the whole look and feel of the website
  2. I would make the box shadows a little bit softer (less opacity) so you get that smoother view Gilson suggested.
  3. As Gilson mentioned your images are amazing! maybe using them inside your information boxes? or adding a little bit of transparency to the boxes so whenever you scroll you can see a little bit more of them?

These are my 2c. Keep up the good work!

Hello Silva,

Very nice! looks awesome, one question how did you used some external app for translation?