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One Page - First Project

Hey Guys,

Here’s my first Webflow project that I created for a recording studio based in Los Angeles, California. The fact that I was able to translate my designs from Sketch to Webflow with ease, makes me want to stay with this product!

I would love to hear some feedback from you guys! More importantly, I would like to hear critique, in the essence of design, development and overall execution.

Cheers everyone!


This is gorgeous, and extremely well designed and built. Your interactions and animations are absolutely spot-on.

Literally the only criticism I have is the menu. The text is a little on the small side, and if you are looking for it at the wrong moment, pic-attached can occur.

This would likely result in a person scrolling down/up in an attempt to be able to see the menu. I’d bump that text up a point or two, and put a semi-transparent dark background behind it so when it flies out over images/whatever, you’ve got some guaranteed contrast for reading the menu items.

Also, on the menu, make the entire area that changes color clickable. Right now it can be a little jarring that I need to zero in on the (again, small) text instead of clicking on what looks like a nice big button.

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Hey jereme12393!

To start I enjoy the style of the website.

One of the things I noticed right off the bat was the Navigation. Personally I think the text should be a little bigger so it is easier to read just within the navigation.

Also looking into if you can integrate the booking website into your website so that the customer doesn’t have to go to another site would a plus, look to see if they have an open api that you can use.

The other thing I noticed is the footer email. It kind of seems you didn’t quite know what to do with it and I think framing it in some way would help polish the site.

I really love the use of color and interactions are great. Good luck with your site, I would love to see it when it is done!


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Awesome work @jereme12393 :smiley: I really enjoyed the scrolling effects you used to tell the story of te product.

More of a technical piece but I noticed you have some extra A records configured on your root domain which can cause some redirect errors:

Be sure to delete the following A records as they can cause conflicts, and this external A record:

I’d also recommend going through our SEO course for a few simple updates to make sure your site is optimized for search engines. Hope that this is helpful :bowing_man:

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Yeah great point! I’ve already begun to apply changes to the menu since that seems to be the bulk of the feedback. And I do agree with you in the sense that the buttons should be clickable! Not just the words. Thanks once again! I truly appreciate the feedback.

I couldn’t agree with you more.

The navigation is already going through a change, and the email was put in that space with intent actually.

It gives balance to the footer and allows the user to understand that the e-mail is the biggest piece of information in that section.

But one thing that I am working on is the embed for calendly. They do have an embed option but I’m having trouble integrating it into the site. The external link was a quick workaround. Any suggestions for embedding the calendar (it’s through calendly)?


Thank you!

Yeah I need to fix the A records. Thanks for pointing that out. I truly appreciate your help.


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Most websites have an api reference.

I looked up calendly and they did have api reference documents. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with that service but I got you the link to check it out.