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Colorful and Creative

Just finished up this fun site for The Detroit Pop Shop, a gourmet popsicle shop based in downtown Detroit. I’d love to get feedback, let me know what you guys think!


Hehehehe :smiley: looks yummy :+1: good job

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Thanks @sabanna! Glad you like it!

Super cute! Great job! =D

… now i’m hungry…

Edit: OH COOL! Custom google map markers. Nice touch. :wink:

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Nice job @jordanshotwell :smile:

I love the design, colors and use of fixed backgrounds and a nice simple menu. :smile: The lemon yellow sun font is awesome. :smile:

The only thing that this site doesn’t have are interactions or fun load in/scroll in animations like on your portfolio site. Maybe consider some small animations. :smiley: (I love animations haha).

Great experience from mobile to tablet & desktop. Great work man!


Waldo :slight_smile:

Thanks @PixelGeek!

@Waldo_Broodryk, the client was in quite a hurry to get the site launched, so I didn’t have much time for the extras, but those will likely be going in soon! Thanks for the input and feedback! :smile:

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