Please take a look at my website

This is a website I created in webflow. Please let me know if you like it, and if there is anything you would change.


Jacob H.

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Hello @Jacob_M_Harmon

Good idea to keep site colors similar to a logo. :slight_smile: :+1:

My suggestions:

  • Gray background color doesn’t work so good there. I would make it lighter or keep black background, as it is on 1st page.
  • Then I would use different colors for other design elements (like you have menu links).
  • Since colors are pretty bright that big burners feel a little bit “too much”.

No matter what, wish you good luck!


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Its very colourful :grinning:

As with sabanna the grey BG/s don’t work with the bright colours. Id make it white.

Also with the tabs why not make them 25% wide for each to span the width of that container? (don’t forget to float left)

Also there seems to be alot of irregular spacing with elements and typography. Try giving some things breathing space and closing up some of the line spacing. Some of the copy looks like it should be bullet points and new paragraphs with the height of the line spacing.

Also give the logo some breathing space too :smile:


@sabanna and @Sveky, Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve tweaked it a bit. Still a work in progress though :smile:

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