Offline Payment option for Ecommerce

"Some clients, especially with larger ticket items, or items that are customized post purchase (where the cost could change), would be best served by allowing them to pay offline (by check or other method). This would allow orders to be accepted and dealt with and the payment to be mailed or whatever. the admin then could check a box to say it is paid for and fulfill it when they get the payment.

Many clients do not want to pay processing fees on either side for multi-thousand dollar items, but want to sell them online (many of these are older traditional businesses who typically process payments by mail or phone and don’t want their cool new website to break their internal processes)."
Source: Offline Payment option for Ecommerce | Webflow Wishlist

have this function availlabled on webflow yet? if not, how to create this? Thank!

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guys, i really need help here!

Nope. You could look at a third party commerce integration like

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Thank for respone!
I am a big fan of webflow CMS. But for Webflow Ecommerce I am having a really bad experience. Hope Webflow more better in the next release!


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Is there any news on a solution for this. Just spent a few months on a big eComm project and now finding out we cant do offline payments is a massive road block. Getting a third party just for this is not something that webflow should rely on. Can we get this pushed up the list?

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@mark-joncheff - When a project has functional requirements the research to insure selected products meet those requirements is typically in the scope of work. As a word of caution to everyone, failing to do this can leave you or your firm open to litigation if things go south.

I would suggest investigating as a potential solution for you as it works with Webflow by replacing the whole e-commerce side of things.

I don’t work for Webflow so I have no additional power to assist.


@webdev Thank you for the mention.

@mark-joncheff Foxy supports offline payments as well as other ecommerce features that are missing in Webflow Ecommerce currently. More info here: Webflow |

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started:


Yes we certainly had list of FR’s but we don’t usually add the absolute obvious and fundamentals of ecommerce in FR’s but with webflow I guess yes our FR doc needs to be x10 as detailed. I guess we will look at building/scripting our own solution.

Hi Josh, I have had a look at Foxy and I really don’t want to redo the setup for our ecomm and pay monthly subscriptions. Just to solve offline payments.

Hi @mark-joncheff.
Understood. Please let us know if anything changes.


Hey @mark-joncheff – I found this Webflow University article on how to accept Ecom orders without payment, essentially by setting the default Price field to zero and then you’ll probably want to create a new field (“display-price”) on the Products collection to show a different price to your customers.

By setting price to $0, the credit card fields vanish on your checkout page, making it so your customers can check out without paying.

For example, Price = $0, Display Price = $30. And then just make sure that your product pages show Display Price rather than Price.

So, you should be able to do what you want to accomplish here with Webflow Ecom alone.

It’s a simple approach but depending on how familiar you are with Webflow might be strange to grasp conceptually. Holler at us ( and reference this post if you need a hand thinking through it!


Thanks for your help. I just read the article, unfortunately we would only need offline payments as an option for some customers not for all. Funny to think Webflow suggests by setting the product price to $0 is a solution. We will work on the solution our selfs. Thanks again for sharing.

@mark-joncheff – ah, I see. What if you had dupes of each product, so had a “pay now” and a “pay later” version? This way you can drive traffic to your “pay now” products but have a button next to Add To Cart on each main product page that could read “want to pay later?” and link you to the corresponding offline equivalent. Would that work?

Thanks again, for your help. I think having $0 on products can get very messy and possibly get us in trouble with our automations. We will create some scripts to solve this with an alternative checkout page that is for bank transfer only.

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Hi @mark-joncheff ! I’m facing the same problem, can you please share how you managed to handle the offline payment options? Thanks in advance!

This is an update for those researching a solution.
So I have had a new eCommerce site running for a few months now and we have had a few offline payment orders come through, so it has been tested and working nicely. I have watched the users run the process via hotjar to see if there was any confusion going through the offline payment process and no obvious friction points were found.

So you can check out the solution here:
If you add a product to cart and then click on offline payment option it will take you to the offline checkout form showing your cart items and totals on page. So it is essentially another checkout page and can also validate form info and once submitted it take the user to a confirmation page with bank wire details with the order amount.
Once the user has made the offline order they will be entered into a specific workflow in the CRM that sends a Xero invoice.

This is all done with javascript and behind the scenes it will create an order in the post order system, we are working on creating the order in the Webflow system and I will update once that has been done. So I could be able to implement this for anyone seeking this as a solution.

Hi @mark-joncheff , were you able to expand on creating the order in the Webflow system?? I currently have a consultation client that requires offline payments. I was originally thinking of making it a digital download product, priced at $0, then they receive their email with the download file link, (download file will be a pdf with bank transfer info/instructions.) Thoughts??

Hi @adifferentur.
I responded to your email, but what you’re after is possible with our seamless Webflow integration ( Our purchase order payment option allows customers to checkout without paying. It can be customized to say anything (Pay by Check, Pay by Cash, PO, Bank Transfer, etc.) It can even be hidden entirely.

​Optionally, you can display bank transfer info or email this information after purchase is complete. We can continue chatting via email, but if anyone else has similar needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out:


Hi Josh, I have had a look at Foxy, and I really don’t want to redo the setup for our ecomm and pay monthly subscriptions. Just to solve offline payments.

Hi @Zelish_Mekhi.
Understood. For what it’s worth, Foxy can integrate with your existing Webflow Ecommerce setup. The cart, checkout, receipt, etc. will be replaced with Foxy, but you’ll continue to use Webflow Ecommerce to manage products.

Also, Foxy + Webflow CMS is generally less expensive than Webflow Ecommerce alone. Please let us know if we can be of assistance.