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Creating a E-cart on a Webflow website - without taking payment

Hi everyone!

I know this sounds strange, but I need to create a way in which my products page will produce an order/invoice, with totals, but not take payment.

The order would be submitted/emailed to the client from the Webflow website, but without payment being made.

The client would then contact the client direct, to sort out details of the order, before taking payment elsewhere.

I guess I´ll have to use a 3rd party company like Shopify, Foxy or Shop Rocket and just disable payment (if there is an option for offline payments?), but let me know if anyone else has any ideas?

The website will look like a normal e-commerce site, with around 50-100 products and I would need the functionality of a normal e-commerce site (i.e. .

Let me know your thoughts. Any advice much appreciated.

Best regards,

Ian Mackie

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Hi @TerryHibbert.
We may have already chatted via email, but what you’re after is possible with Foxy using our Purchase Order option. Customers can add products to cart as normal and then checkout without having to provide payment info (or even a PO number). Information is then sent to store owners via email.

Also, the entire product catalog can be managed entirely in Webflow. No back and forth between Shopify and Webflow. :slight_smile:

Feel free to message me for more info. We’ll get you taken care of.


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Hi Foxy,

I’m half thinking of using your solution, but how will I be charged in this instance if there is no payment being processed?

Hi @spencerj.
Thanks for your message! Pricing will still be the same whether the transaction total is $0 or $1,000 and whether you’re using the Purchase Order option or a specific payment gateway (ex: Stripe). If an order is successfully completed, that counts as a transaction.

So your pricing would come out to $20/mo or $180/yr. This includes your first 100 transactions each month. Anything over your initial 100 transactions each month will get a .5% transaction fee (with a minimum of 1 cent and a maximum of 15 cents).

Hope this helps some. Definitely let us know if you have further questions. We’re more than happy to help!


Thanks @foxy, I was just curious because I thought since no funds were being processed the transactions will be simply $0.01.

From what you mentioned above I reckon the 0.5% transaction fee will apply to the [price of the cart] * [0.5%], subject to a max of $0.15 per transaction. Please correct my understanding if that isn’t accurate!

Following this, I’m also looking to implement a quantity discount so I’ll have to PM you for that…

Hi @spencerj.
The flat monthly or annual fee will apply no matter how many transactions you do each month.

Yes, you’ve got it. The transaction fee will be .5% of the transaction total with a cap of 15 cents. But to confirm, transaction fees from Foxy only apply to transactions past your initial 100 transactions each month.

Let us know when you get to the quantity discount portion and we’ll help out. :slight_smile:


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