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Is there really no practical way to let store visitors pay offline?

This is for a clients Webshop I planned to do with Webflow. They need the possibility to let the user choose between online and offline payment. The only thing I found from Webflow was this: Accept Ecommerce orders without payment | Webflow University.
What sounded promising first is not really practical since you have to set the product price to 0. How did they imagine that feature to work? I mean, how can you communicate your price in a good way? And how can a user choose between on and offline payment then? Has anyone found a practical solution for that issue? Otherwise this is a dealbreaker for me to do any ecommerce store with webflow (which sucks because I love the plattform in general). Thanks for your help!

This is not supported by Webflow natively. It can be solved with third-party integrations for e-commerce. Take a look at as an example.

thank you very much for your answer @webdev. Do you have an idea why this feature still does not exist? I mean, this would be pretty simple to implement, or do I miss something?