Webflow e-commerce offline payment workaround

What is the best way to implement offline payment methods (bank transfer & check) for a Webflow e-commerce project?

Some ideas I had so far:

  • I’ve seen here that using Foxy integration could work.

  • Applying a 100% discount coupon to set the cart value to 0EUR and let the user confirm the order then pay separately

  • Creating a custom offline payment checkout form filled with Javascript that would send an email, and processing the order manually. The problem with this is that it would not update the stock automatically.

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So I have had a new eCommerce site running for a few months now and we have had a few offline payment orders come through, so it has been tested and working nicely. I have watched the users run the process via hotjar to see if there was any confusion going through the offline payment process and no obvious friction points were found.

So you can check out the solution here: https://www.commercialdehydrators.ca/
If you add a product to cart and then click on offline payment option it will take you to the offline checkout form showing your cart items and totals on page. So it is essentially another checkout page and can also validate form info and once submitted it take the user to a confirmation page with bank wire details with the order amount.
Once the user has made the offline order they will be entered into a specific workflow in the CRM that sends a Xero invoice.

This is all done with javascript and behind the scenes it will create an order in the post order system, we are working on creating the order in the Webflow system and I will update once that has been done. So I could be able to implement this for anyone seeking this as a solution.

Hey @mark-joncheff ! I have checked out your solution and it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Can you please tell me how is the form fetching the products from the cart? Thank you!

Awesome, Mark.

I would love to be able to recreate this on my page. Any workflow guides or tutorials?

Hey @mark-joncheff , thats a great solution. Can you tell us how it’s done? :slight_smile:

Hi Mark, i would like to implement this solution to my e-commerce website for a client, could you tell me how did you made this work ? Thanks a lot !