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Offline Payment option for Ecommerce

"Some clients, especially with larger ticket items, or items that are customized post purchase (where the cost could change), would be best served by allowing them to pay offline (by check or other method). This would allow orders to be accepted and dealt with and the payment to be mailed or whatever. the admin then could check a box to say it is paid for and fulfill it when they get the payment.

Many clients do not want to pay processing fees on either side for multi-thousand dollar items, but want to sell them online (many of these are older traditional businesses who typically process payments by mail or phone and don’t want their cool new website to break their internal processes)."

have this function availlabled on webflow yet? if not, how to create this? Thank!

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guys, i really need help here!

Nope. You could look at a third party commerce integration like

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Thank for respone!
I am a big fan of webflow CMS. But for Webflow Ecommerce I am having a really bad experience. Hope Webflow more better in the next release!