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No gif over 4mb and can't add Mp4?

So I’ve been noticing web flow in my Instagram and whatnot for a while now. Been working in Tech design for 2 decades and am passionate about new emerging better tools and often cheer for their success, so I often dive in to see how scalable they can be. I’m day 2 into this and am super surprised by what seems to be an inability to add gifs over 4MB and MP4’s… I mean, this is a bug or it’s my learning curve right? I get you can do some sort of Vimeo/YouTube embed but that’s the only option I can see. This out-of-gate limitation seems like a fairly sizable turnoff assuming the target audience for something like this is the between design/coder demo yes/no?

It sounds a bit limiting but webflow includes a global cdn which is expensive.
Video also needs to be streamed which affects response times and bandwidth.

So they could put the price up but that would effect everyone.
The 4mb is a tad small but is designed for background video on a page which needs to be small or it hits your page speed score.

So if the need is a 4k movie epic load then pick your own external cdn, free or paid and link to it.