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GIF or video limit

Hi working on my portfolio site, need ability to add a video prototype of some of my work, gif limit is 4 mb, so have to use video and use an external source like vimeo?
why cant i upload my own video that is not in a background video container?

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That’s a strategic decision from Webflow regarding hosting/production price.

Allowing you to upload your — possibly big — video files implies two things: lots of server storage used, and lots of bandwidth used when the video is played back.

At the moment, you pay a flat fee for hosting that is only limited by the number of monthly visits (25,000 on Lite, 100,000 on CMS and 1,000,000 in Business). The number of visits is SO not representative of the bandwidth used that I don’t even know if it’s enforced. So, you pay a flat fee for hosting and the production (bandwidth used) is included in that price. There’s not a lot of risk for Webflow to do so, images can be big and numerous but not so much.

However if they start to accept video files, that’s difficult to handle, they probably need to consider a paid bandwidth, or some kind of superior hosting tiers including videos, along with some kind of caping.

An external service like Vimeo or Youtube — using Webflow’s own video component — or any server or cloud, FTP, dropbox etc — with a player that you craft with HTML5 custom code.

Fair enough, i used an embeded vimeo link in the end.