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Google Chrome "Oh, Snap!" page. File too large?

Trying to upload a gif and I keep getting the Chrome “Oh, Snap” page. Is it just that my file is too large (19MB)? Something else going on here?


This is still occurring. Anyone have some insight?

Just tried this in Safari as well and it looks like the uploads fail right around 95% completion.

Hi Chris, yes we have a limit of ~20MB.

What sort of images are you uploading?? Needless to say 20MB is way too big…

Animated gifs to walk people through different steps in using an app. Tried embedded HTML5 videos but iOS Safari doesn’t support autoplay, which makes it a no-go. Suggestions?

Here’s the work in progress.

Have you thought about using the lightbox widget? It supports embedded videos (YouTube + Vimeo), and is also responsive.

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That could definitely work. Trying to reduce the number of clicks as much as possible. With a gif or an autoplay video, we’re at 0, which would be quite nice. I’ll play around with the lightbox and see if it’ll fit what we’re looking for. As-is, each video covers one step, so some of them are as short as 3-4 seconds. I’d hate for someone to have to click through to a lightbox to only see a 3 or 4 second video. Definitely worth looking into though, I think. Thanks for the suggestion!