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MP4’s for Video Element

Hi guys!

Why hasn’t Webflow made it possible for us to add an mp4 in our assets panel to the Video element?

Does it have something to do with video hosting?

I’d prefer not to have third party branding etc.



Webflow does not support it and we can only speculate as to why since they have not disclosed the reason.

So I imagine that unlimited video hosting would hit their bottom line and they might not have the means or desire to handle copyright infringement. That’s my guess.

my guess its size. videos are large. they do allow it for backdrop and only max of 30mb.
use link to dropbox and embed and not the widget.

Thanks jeffs and mthornton!

All those reasons make sense.

If you want an MP4 format, I will recommend using Vimeo. Vimeo helps to customize the look you desired. But you should remember that they don’t offer private videos unless you pay extra for it.