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How to upload an animated GIF which is larger than 4 MB to webflow. is there any way to rasie 4 MB limit bar?

why would webflow constrains all image size at under 4MB, can this be large somehow.

Even above 2Mo you should use a MP4 video and the bg video component instead of a gif. Gif is not only heavy, it’s very consuming on the visitors’ end.

hi, vincent
thanks for replying. is there any way to raise the 4mb bar.

What’s the best way to convert a gif into a mp4?

No. You can host the file somewhere else, like Dropbox or any file server, then use custom code to call it.

The best way is to find the source of the animation and go from there.

If you can’t, you can open an animated gif in Photoshop and export it as a video. And there must be a lot of tools available to do the same.

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Still gif is sometimes better. For example, I can use it instantly on the website and also include them in collections. An upload limit for gif of 10 MB would be acceptable enough. Please add this feature.

not sure anyone would wait for their browser or mobile phone to finish loading your 10mb GIF :slight_smile: Like Vincent rightfully said, above 2mo one should consider using mp4 video. GIFs were simply not meant to be that heavy.

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There are multiple reasons for this:

  1. Currently you can’t load mp4 in a collection item, so that’s a major deal breaker all-ready
  2. You can only use background-video as far as i know - not as a video-object
  3. There are audiences that watch mainly on desktop - currently 10MB is on most connections loaded in a sec.
  4. Then there’s the ‘charm’ that GIFs have, and also the easy way to distribute them across the net - that’s a lot harder with mp4.

My case applies to all 4 of these.

There might be workarounds to play (backgroud) video’s, but you need to host them elsewhere. Me and my 3 editors want to edit all content in one place: Webflow.

PS. On Discord we’re doing most of the project management and constantly moving GIFs around between 5 and 40MB and it work’s like a charm. The bad news is that most are more than 4. We could optimize them more and fit most in 10MB - hence my request to up the limit.

Check this example to see what we’re doing with animated GIF:

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Bumping this to grumble about how ridiculous it is to pay for a premium service that doesn’t allow for larger image file sizes.