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Next announcement?

Hi Webflow team :smile:

I just wanted to ask if you could please provide a date as to when we can expect the next announcement? Every day I’m refreshing the “Announcements” forum, but it never changes. I guess I’m just impatient and eager and excited to hear what’s coming next.

Is it possible to provide such a date that we can expect to hear some news? That would be so much appreciated.

Kind regards,


Noah we all want to know :smiley: But you got to be realistic, we won’t. For a ton of reasons that we have to respect. It’s very hard for a developer to plan releases. You only know something is finished when it’s… finished. And very often, something is finished, but it’s not as good as you wanted, so you have to regress and go back to a certain point, redo things. So if you had disclosed dates, you just piss off your users. So you have to keep things quiet. Another reason is tough competition, you need to keep your secrets, features, timeline… for yourself.

So yes, we got to get patients and respect the need for Webflow to be quiet.

You got to be big like Adobe or Apple to be able to release a roadmap :slight_smile:


Thanks vincent :slight_smile: Good points there. I’ll try to be a bit more patient, and I can totally understand the non-disclosure :slight_smile:

It’s finally here! The big announcement! WOOO!!!



I disagree, not necessary big as Apple & Adobe. The guy building blocsapp shared his roadmap, even if there is an overlap, it is understandable.

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