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New Style Panel Feedback

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Just going to bump this. I absolutely love the addition of larger dropdowns, less scrolling feels a lot smoother. :grin:


Sticky appears to do nothing whatsoever. Changing all the numbers does nothing at all to the position.

+1 for more clicks is an exponential time-waster.

Trying out the new style panel. They keep messing with the size fields.

First, they removed the arrows to allow going up and down in size with a click. I said nothing. Then they removed the ability to click and drag up and down to resize. I said nothing.

However, now they’ve gone TOO FAR. Let me explain:

In the old style panel, you could click a size field and press the up or down arrow keys on your keyboard and it would tell you the exact size of the element. This was very useful for a number of reason, I don’t think I need to explain. Now if you do the same thing, it resizes it down to 1.

Not sure if this was a conscious decision to change this feature (if so, what the heckin frig my dudes?) or just overlooking something. Either way, could we please get it back?


I think that the new icons can do with some re-thinking, the old ones are more intuitive to me. But overall I love this step forward to a more clean and grown-up style. Looking forward for all the other panels to get the same revamp.


Hey Michael! Thanks for your feedback. We didn’t knowingly remove this but it just didn’t make it into the beta cut. It will be implemented soon, so stay tuned.


Awesome! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @Cricitem, Thanks for the feedback! You might want to check out these new university videos on using sticky for a sidebar or navbar.

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Hi, @Cricitem! Please, make sure you are following requirements when applying position: sticky


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I like the direction I think it’s headed but I’ve also only been using it for a day so the extra clicks haven’t sit just yet. Overall, I think it’s good to hide things under drop-downs if you know you’ll be adding to that list. For example, “sticky” didn’t really have a place to go in the older design. Now I can visualize where things will go as they become available - this is potentially good for the medium to long term usability.

Size fields restarting instead of continuing is a shame and I need it to comes back. Also, the ‘Spacing’ section is too large now - could be more elegant. That way we can afford more expanded parameter sections. Other than that it looks and works great. I think it really strikes that balance between accommodating new users without jeopardizing UX for power users.

imo maybe the best way forward would be to make the toolbar responsive. Users with wider monitors could extend the toolbar and have all the dropdowns in a row. Another thing I was wishing for earlier was better hotkeys. Now that we have open drop-downs more often, it’d be cool to assign keys to each one so that you can have one opened while you’re navigating to it with your mouse. It’d be interesting to see how it’d feel to be able to toggle the ‘Display’ dropdown - for example - with the ‘D’ key or something. That way you’ll open it with your keyboard and select with your mouse - you’ll be back to 1 click for making the choice. I think it’ll speed things up significantly.

Hi I like some things yes, for students it is much better to know what everythings means as icon.
But now you need to always click a dropdown, or sometimes it is a popup.


  1. Please look to the old version: when there was no place for the popup down, the popup get above the setting! While now i want to scroll down to all settings met the popup does not scroll up while the other settings are scrolling… please make scrolling of a popup possible.
  2. When I want to use the popup can not exit it with my button.

Thanks Webflow team
You make the web much easier!


What you on about, mate? It opens up for me alright, full popup visible without any scrolling required. I think you have faced a sort of a bug which isn’t supposed to happen.

But you can. At least it closes the popup with escape key for me.

Was literally just typing up a huge post about this exact same thing! HERE is a video just in case people don’t understand what we are talking about. It’s not a deal breaker for me or anything, but I would love to see this make it onto the new style panel before the legacy version gets the boot!

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Please don’t remove the visibility controls but instead properly fix the bugs with them. What is going to happen to sites currently employing them?

The majority of the time display: none still loads the unnecessary bloat code and assets when creating lighter weight mobile-specific views, making pages load slower and hurting mobile device SEO. It also leads to duplicate content issues when creating mobile specific views of the same content. Finally, as @Siton_Systems pointed out, display: none has always faced significant problems with Webflow’s class system, and is painful to manipulate when hidden in the editor.

When going further than simply changing sizes for mobile devices, it is a highly useful feature to be able to stop an element from loading altogether on particular viewport.

Lastly the margins auto (centre) button has to be one of my most commonly used functions in all of webflow. In my opinion, speed and function beat beauty in a professional design tool. That’s why everyone in the world still uses Excel. Mouse-wheel scrolling to a known location is faster and more intuitive than hunting through popups and dropdowns for the same functionality.

Thanks guys!


I tried the new beta version and found that I can not set the text size above 100% but the old version can. Is this intentional? or is it a bug?
What will happen with the site using old setting of visibility status once Webflow drop the old style panel? Will I need to fix it?

And yay to being able to set them by hitting return!

I opened my project then this happened


Flex Container Button (go to parent flex container)
I like :slight_smile:

Whats difference between Align Baseline vs X (none)

Not a fan of 2-Click drop-down 6 options. 1-Click 6-Icons are better.

Everything else is good.

Looks good. Please make the CENETER function like in the original centered toggle.


Also some of my fonts changed from Sans to Sans-Serif??? I must find Default font settings.

Did new style panel break Fallback Fonts? ts stuck on sans serif, and it needs to serve Verdana (I also testd Ariel font and its still sans serif, this affects projects displaying the new Style Panel) can test and confirm if other people have same issue with rollback chage from Serif to Sans Serif out of the blue?

Good question, it should be possible, there’s nothing against having a font-size defined above 100%.

However %age for font-size is not needed unless you use it in combination with em in a certain way, for a certain goal. % for font sie refers to the computed font-size of the parent element.

There’s most likely a better unit for you to use for your font-size:


@miekwave Do you really have quick select buttons for position? How do you get them?

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