Anyone else missing the up/down arrows in the Style Tab?

Hey Guys,

i read the announcement that the input arrows got removed as being a rarely used UI control.

I feel slightly dumb now because I was still happily using them and I wonder how everyone else is feeling comfortable using only up/down keys nowadays? I have an oldschool device called a MOUSE and I feel uncomfortable seeing my right hand moving back and forth between mouse and keyboard :smile:

Can you please (at least) provide a Photoshop like solution, see gif below:

Alternatively add a double-click behaviour to select the input value and let me replace it by typing in the numbers (see other designer tools like figma for reference…)

Have a great day :slight_smile:


Marci you cannot argue with Webflow, when they say they’ve done internal testing and have the stats… After all their latest pricing was validated with internal research! :slight_smile:

So was their third redesign of the whole site (nevertheless they did a fourth one of the main page :slight_smile: ). I guess they also have bullet-proof evidence that the new way of moving elements in the Navigator is easier (Moving elements in the Navigator) or that the Symbols panel placement needs no further fixes (A better Symbol panel | Webflow Wishlist), or that the Color panel needs no close button (Close button for the Colour (color!) Palette window | Webflow Wishlist)…

After all you get what you pay for - unsubstantiated price increase leads to unsubstantiated product tweaking :slight_smile:

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Ditto @Marci - In addition, why are some drop-downs in Webflow a dot (or a short dash) as shown below, instead of the standard down arrow to signify dropdown as is the UI standard that is used by all professional tools I use and know of … Other drop-downs in Webflow are standard. Why this mixed metaphor?


Yep, I came to the forums just to find an explanation for this. It came with the “new designer UI update”. But seriously, why get rid of the arrows in the CSS panel Webflow??? Now I can’t do easy and accurate adjustments - I have to guess the value in percents or pixels every damn time until I get the element where I want it.

So disappointed in this update.


Hi, you can use the up and down keys on your keyboard to make the adjustments.

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I agree, I thought it was a bug.

You’re not the only one who was searching for this missing feature. And yes it’s working with up and down keys.

Just a pity to get this information about this update just by logging out and in again to your account. Seems to be the only chance to get this update notifications, maybe for technical reasons. I think an email notification would have been another chance to inform users about updates, but I didn’t get any email about, although I set the checkmark for this notifications in my account.

We have the “Announcements” forum topic, but Webflow have been using it less often.

Wow, I noticed just now, they have also changed the green colour of “Published an hour ago” text in the Publish panel. Now it’s so bright and tacky, looks so cheap…

@uzzer if it just would be the an unlikely color, I would not say any single word, but it’s stability what I’m missing since some time. I already was mentioning this in another thread, but nobody here or at Webflow seems to see this stability problem, as I did not get any feedback until now.

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I really like the new colours but do miss the increment arrows! What about adopting this UI pattern?

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I don’t miss them. I’ve learned to use the keyboard instead. I think they’re to small anyway to hit them quickly.


I like that implementation - just skip the ‘hover to reveal’ (IMO) and leave them visible - the usage is then obvious to the new user and consistent with de facto UI standards.

In addition, I believe there is a good case for a System Preferences panel that will allow us to tailor the designer to our liking. (ie; set named, saved preferences) Most ‘development / design’ tools offer this. Matt can have his arrows (me too) and Jorn can get rid of them. Would be very easy to implement in the system.

… thinking out loud … caffeine just kicked in … :innocent:


I’m super missing the arrows. I used them all the time. Taking my hand off the mouse or trackpad to press the arrow keys is making things take longer. +1 on the adobe style solution. I’ve always wished that Webflow had that.


The same way we can change between advanced layout and normal, we should be able to choose to keep or remove the arrows…

I definitely agree with @Joe_Hohman, taking my hand from the mouse to look for the up and down keys is not something I’m happy in doing :confused:

A couple of fast clicks on the arrows have helped me many times when using webflow

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Definitely missing those arrows. What was the problem that was solved by removing them?


Please return these arrows back

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Please please please return the arrows ASAP.

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Perhaps I’m the only one who feels this way, but I LOVE the new, minimal UI. Keep the arrows gone! :slight_smile:


I’m with you, Mr. Energi. I actually like it, too. For me, it’s actually easier to just go straight to my keyboard’s arrow keys while I have an element selected to fine-tune one pixel at a time or hold down shift for jumping 10 pixels at a time. It actually takes me more time to bring my mouse over to the up/down arrows to shift things around.

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