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New Style Panel Feedback

Click the margin number, click “auto” in the popup, repeat for the second margin.

The wider handlers are way easier for click-and-drag though.

Wait what? You fixed that? Oh please tell me more!

Please don’t use drop down menus to replace buttons!

It’s an annoying, and unnecessary extra step and easier to miss click when working at speed. Having buttons was perfect as it’s a one-step process.

I can see that it makes the interface look tight and clean, but it’s not a good enough reason to squish everything down.



Since this is the most controversial part of the redesign so far could you please tell us why the drop-down were introduced? I have my own ideas but official reply would be nice to have :slight_smile:

Most of the times you can resolve this problem in a transform by making sure that no sub-pixels are made. There are some discussions on on this, for example here:

@rich_art I read scores of posts on the matter. Not a single solution helped hence my question. Cannot remember if i ever saw will-transform method, but since you’ve mentioned it I thought it helped you?

In my opinion the new margin/padding UI is “huge” (To much shadows and highlights) + Also the old “overflow” icons was more clear.

Anyway where the visibility in the new UI?



The visibility is being phased out for good. It was too buggy.

Cannot agree more on the overflow icons. They just don’t make any sense :frowning:

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Thank everyone for the feedback! Please keep them coming. This is in BETA for a reason. We know that the redesign is going to be costly on your workflow as it will require you to relearn what you already know by heart. We wanted to give you as much time as possible to get use to it before doing the full switchover.

Plus, it also gives us ~1 month to make changes for the better… so your feedback is essential.

In regards to our usage of the dropdown, we had two motivations. With the addition of display:grid and position:sticky, we realized we will be adding more and more properties in the future. The dropdown provides us a UI that will allow us to grow this list.

Moreover, as someone suggested above, it also gave us a lot more room to add more-informed notes on what each property does. Right now, we only have textual notes, but in the future, we’re hoping to add SVGs, links to University articles, etc.


@dram buggy? OK. This was a very usefull tool. “The problem” -->By display:none; No way to hide specific class element ("nightmare") without adding combo-class.

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Well, it’s nice to see my reasoning “pro” was correct. I still don’t think that two lines of buttons is that much of a problem considering 1 click vs 2 in the long run.

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Hey, don’t hate on me, I’m just telling you the reasons WF staff gave :frowning:

Not only “combo-class” issue - but also the visibility UI was a lot more clear than look at the Eye under display.

I agree — I could view the visibility UI, and immediately see where it was applied. Now, one will have to cycle through the breakpoints and apply visibility:none for each choice.




Hey @energidesign ,

If you apply a setting of display: none on an element on tablet, it will cascade down through landscape mobile, and mobile, actually saving you a few clicks.

It was a little buggy when combined with interactions. Users would have visibility settings applied, and display settings in the IX 2.0

You can still click an element and immediately see it’s display settings and visibility.

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Hi @magicmark,

Sorry, what I was really meaning I guess is that in some instances, one might have desktop and mobile landscape set to visible, tablet and mobile vertical to none (I mean maybe, once in a million years ;)…

I guess the visual of simply being on or off with the device icon was a faster mental check…

I’m loving the new UI, a little time and it’ll be better :slight_smile:


For sure! I thought they must have removed some styling options given how much more compact it is. Really nicely done.

It can be argued that scrolling is a way less complex a task than pointing (precisely enough, interface is still not exactly large) and clicking and then clicking again. The workflow speed is something that is going to suffer because of the additional clicks here and there.






The total overview approach makes more sense (imho).


How about keeping the recommended icons and throwing a expandable “others”?