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New Style Panel Feedback

Hi there,
i just took a first look on the new style panel. Looks stylish but i think you complicated some things. For example: Changing Displaymode needs 2 clicks now instead of 1. Same for Position duo the dropdown.

I don’t see any advantage of this dropdown?


Same thoughts here.

While the new design looks clean and modern, I fear one may spend more time locating sub menu items since it now takes two clicks to get to most commonly used styles e.g. display, position, border

The dropdown looks like an unnecessary step right now unless there is a reason for having it on there.


I understand your points.
But in my opinion the giant advantage (except for slightly increased overview) is the compactness of the new design: You have to scroll much less to get to everything. True you have another layer of clicking in many places, but the general overview has much improved.

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Perhaps the idea was to have a clear explanations for the various options that you now see instantly on hover to be more visible than delayed tooltips? Not sure how I feel about this yet personally. The “why 2 clicks?” thought was the first one I had but then UX designer at Webflow is hardly subpar to the random one from the forums so there was something behind the decision that justified it. Currently going over all the elements and testing how they feel! Though I am already missing the ridiculous handwritten squiggle near the spacing options, haha!

Hurray for TAAAAAAAAAAAAL dropdowns :smiley:


Also hurray for quick values, respecting the values of the grid… this is going to be very useful.


Position sticky, yay! Gotta refactor a few sites though but that’s an excellent addition!

edit: the bug with being unable to set gradient with the same colours at both ends is fixed! Oh joy!


I don’t know if I can un-train my brain to never set the same color at both ends :sweat_smile:


very useful, thanks! Also new css-properties included? I noticed position:sticky. I hope this new hierarchy gives space for more properties so we don’t have to include embeds.

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Hm… interesting, new panel automatically recognized my position:sticky settings from the embeds and set it accordingly for the elements using it. Nice!


I was thinking the same about the two clicks. But sometimes good design requires some sacrifices. The new UI is compact and looks nice.

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I know EVERYBODY complains when there are changes (Facebook a classic example).

But I’m finding the new interface frustrating. Seems way more complicated for no good reason.

Where has centre element gone?

I’ve set the sticky function in Beta and reverted to the old interface, much easier!!!


Sticky is so far the only one.

Could you list the ones you’d like support for?

Yeah, this is now done with 6 clicks instead of 1. I doublechecked since that felt weird typing but it is true, lol. What’s up with that WF team? Was “center element” property that useless? I honestly almost never used it - 90 percent of time I was using flex but still…


I didn’t really record the properties I occasionally use which are not in the designer, so I don’t have a complete list. But I used these not long ago: overflow-x, overflow-y (so separate from overflow), will-change, mix-blend-mode, clip to name just a few.

Apart from those I hope CSS-selectors will be added sometime.

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I second mix-blend-mode! Been using this in a few sites recently, to great effect, as custom code. Would be nice to be able to work with it live and in preview…


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What??? I use that feature ALL of the time. @dram Can you tell me the route to find it?

Not that I’ve stayed in Beta for long, I usually like playing with new toys, but it doesn’t feel like Webflow at all, its almost like I’m using a new program. The ultra wide margin spacer buttons are horrendous.

New WF designers perhaps?


Other than the two clicks, that is certainly inconvenient, for a noob point of view. having access to a quick view of the Displaymode icons was easier, even if you haven’t learn what “displaymode” is yet… you remember the icons. my brain was looking for it way before I assimilate the displaymode category.


Thanks. How and when do you use will-change on a Webflow site, and what are the obvious benefits? (what issue led you to use it?)

i’m with you for mix-blend and background-blend modes :slight_smile:

Agree it is a bit rare. I used it in relation to a (long standing) bug in Chrome with blurry text after a transform.

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